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☆African Style☆

3 years ago, I was staying in KENYA for 6months.


During the time, I wanted to make my hair like African women!


BUT.... can you imagine how many hours to made my hair??


even though 3people was doing......
They said that Japanese hair is too thin and slippery.




My friends ware laughed at me and called me "BOB,"
cause looked like Bob Marley!?


hello?? I am a woman!

Besides.... I couldn't sleep the night cause my head skin was pulled
and has a pain in it!!! Soooooooooooooooo painful!!

Anyway I could keep this hair for 2weeks~~

Also took another 4 hours for untying my hair.....

after taking off the braids, my hair was like this!


My friends called me "TARO HAKASE".....

Do you wanna be African Style?? XD

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My favorite spot is Yokohama, one of major port city, developed rapidly as Japan's prominent port city following the end of Japan's relative isolation in the mid-19th century.
Today,there are many tourist spot including China town,Yamashita park,Landmark tower.

China town
200px-Chinatown_in_Yokohama_10 (1).jpg

Yamashita park

Landmark tower

What is your favorite place??

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Garden city, Christchurch!

Today we have guests from New Zealand~!

They reminded me the life of Christchurch :)

the symbol of Christchurch, Cathedral

As you know, the town was also devastated by earthquake this year…
but it is very very beautiful town actually.

Avon river~
How nice if we can spend time on a boat on a bright day!

rose garden :)

Whoa.... I remember... the garden was sooooo beautiful~

Brighton beach~

・・・Oops, whose face??

ALL BLACKS~~~~~~!! You like Rugby??

Look at this hamburger!!! You know how big it is??

the size is same as my face~~~ (My face is big?? Ooooo, you should’t say that~~)
Do I look so young?? Of course... It was 7 years ago :-p

You see how wonderful the town is!

I wish Japan and New Zealand recover from the damage of earthquake… and back to normal soon :)

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Ski!? Matsuri!? Local foods in Iwate

Last time I introduced my hometown, IWATE(^-^)

So…. this time, I want to introduce events and local food there!!!

Do you like winter sports??

If you visit Iwate in winter, you should try skiing or snowboarding in APPI Resort!!


There are 21 courses and the longest course is 5,500m!!!!


You can enjoy snow sports between December and beginning of May~!!

In summer, you can see MATSURI (Japanese Festival) anywhere in Japan,

but the most famous Matsuri in Iwate is “Morioka Sansa Odori”!!


if you want to join it, please visit there in summer :)

Last but not least… I would like to introduce the famous FOOD in Iwate!!!

If you are big eater, you should try WANKO-SOBA in Iwate!!


Wanko means “wooden soup bowl” in Japanese, and Soba is black wheat noodles.

If you try Wanko-soba, you have to compete by eating as many bowls as possible!

This is “MORIOKA REIMEN”. It’s not RAMEN…REIMEN is a type of cold noodle soup!


The noodle is very chewy, but you will get addicted immediately just like me~ A must try!!

If you can’t go to Iwate, you can taste it in Ginza, Tokyo~!! (“PyongPyongSha” GINZA GLASSE 11th floor)

Thank you!
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Nature Land, IWATE!

Hi, I’m Misato, a new staff of Sakura Hotel!

2 days ago, Mihoko introduced her hometown, Sendai.

So…… this time I introduce my hometown, IWATE :)


Iwate was also devastated by earthquake and tsunami last month like Sendai...
It was a huge tragedy, but people there are trying hard to rebuild their life now!!

So…I’ll working hard and live strongly, too!!

Ganbare Nippon~!! Ganbare Iwate~!!


It takes only about 2.5 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo! (“Tohoku Shinkansen” will operate again by the end of this month!)

There is beautiful nature… mountains, rivers, rice field, and…. snow in winter…etc! You can enjoy fishing, hiking, boating, camping and Onsen (hot springs) there~!!

【猊鼻渓 Geibikei】

【花巻温泉 Hanamaki Onsen】

【浄土ヶ浜 Jyoudogahama】

Please visit Iwate after this situation gets better!

Next time, I’ll introduce events and local foods of Iwate!!

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Ganbare Sendai!!

Have you ever heard the name of ‘Sendai’?
Maybe you knew Sendai for the first time through the news of Tohoku-Kanto earthquake on 11th March.
Sendai is my hometown, where there are a lot of beautiful colonnade of zelkova.


I would like to let you know about Sendai Tanabata(the Star Festival), which is the famous festival in Japan.
Normally Tanabata is on 7th of July. But Sendai Tanabata is held on 6th-8th of August.
Many people from whole of country visit Sendai Tanabata every year.
The highlight of Sendai Tanabata is the colorful decoration, especially ‘Fukinagashi’(Please see the photos) is absolutely fascinating!!
I went to see Sendai Tanabata many times, I feel Fukinagashi is upgrading every year.
Before Tanabata, we write our wishes on Tanzaku, a piece of long square paper, and hang on the Sasa(bamboo leaf).


Next time I will introduce Sendai’s specialty, ‘Gyutan’ .

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One million dollars

What would you do I you had ....

If I got this, I would buy....
One of THESE!!

Hong Kong
The 3 famous night scenes are called the one-million-dollar night views!
So, if you have been to 3 places, you will have 3 million dollars in total!
In my opinion, the night views are not only worth $1m, but priceless...
Which of the above have you been to?

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You can also call 03-3971-2237(+81-3-3971-2237)