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I found a temple, Gokokuji, while taking a walk last week.

I walked to there from Ikebukuro, but actually can use a subway (only 2 station).


It was on weekday, so there are only few people.



I tried OMIKUJI there~~~~ ("a sacred lot" in English??)

I got DAIKICHI which is the LUCKIEST one!!!
and is said...
Even if there are a lot of serious things now, there is a thing good afterwards!

Oooooo, I'm so glad~~~~

If you visit Japan and have time, please try OMIKUJI and test of your luck (>o<)

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Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum stands in a quiet corner of the Aoyama area, Tokyo.

ok100.jpg ok5.jpg

The Memorial Museum used to be Taro’s studio-cum-home where Taro lived for nearly 50 years.

Thankfully, ‘Picture taking is allowed’ in the museum.

ok3.jpg ok4.jpg
Taro’s passion and energy are still there. I felt a great amount of tension in the studio and I could barely breathe.

ok6.jpg ok7.jpg ok8.jpg ok9.jpg
Exhibition rooms

ok10.jpg ok11.jpg ok12.jpg

ok13.jpg ok15.jpg

Koinobori were swimming in the spring wind at the museum.
(According to Wikipedia, Koinobori, meaning "carp streamer" in Japanese, are carp-shaped windsocks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Tango no Sekku, a traditional calendrical event which is now designated a national holiday; Children's Day)
ok30.jpg ok14.jpg
I had been wondering what Taro’s charming point is, but I found one when I was looking at the Koinobori … his innocence attracts people. It seems to me Taro’s childish innocence confronts adult life, conservative-minded people and old-fashioned system. Taro makes me realize that nobody can steal the innocence of children from us.

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Yokohama Chinatown!!

Have you ever been to Chinatown in Yokohama??

My father and sister came to Tokyo, so I took them there yesterday (^-^)

It was my second time to have visited there, and I felt that the town is more interesting than I memorized it!!

There are so many Chinese restaurants, cafes, food stands!


Oooo "NIKUMAN"(steamed meat bun).....Looks YUMMY~~~~!!

??? What is she making???
写真+10.JPG 写真+8.JPG

and... Omiyage (souvenior) shops, Temples, fortune-telling shops...... etc!

写真+11.JPG 写真+12.JPG

3D theater??? WoW.

Then... we went to “SHOUFUKUMON” which is the famous restaurant of Yumcha (Dim sum)!

Oooooo,It's crowded~~~


It was my favorite! ふかひれ餃子スープ Fukahire Gyoza Soup!

It was a buffet.... so we kept eating for almost 2 hours!!!

We ate too much… so, my father couldn’t stand up for a while after lunch… (>o<)

Yokohama Chinatown is very fun place and near from Tokyo (only 1 hour from Ikebukuro)!!

You visit Japan and you can feel Japan and China both if you go to Yokohama!

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Tokyo Disneyland

On April 15, about a month after being closed since the March 11 earthquake, Tokyo Disneyland in Urayasu, Chiba resumed operations.

di.jpg di3.jpg
However, Tokyo Disneyland is shortening the hours of operation and it runs from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Also, the reopening of Tokyo Disney Sea has been put off until late this month at the earliest.

dis2.JPG dis4.JPG
When are you coming back to go to Tokyo Disneyland?

Sariko, you must be HAPPY!

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The Japanese baseball season will officially begin tomorrow, on April 12th.
Baseball fans have long looked forward to the opening games.

Since Hideo Nomo became the first Japanese player in US major league baseball in 1995, many Japanese baseball players have come to play in the major leagues.

nomo100.jpg nomo5555.JPG
Hideo Nomo

ichi1000.JPG ichi300.jpg
Ichiro Suzuki

It is said that Japanese star players have been exported to the U.S. and Japanese baseball has become less and less popular.

I hope that young baseball players become the leaders of the next generation in Japanese professional baseball and bring a lot of excitement to the audience.

Yu Darvish

Masahiro Tanaka

Yuki Saito

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hana2.JPG hana3.JPG
Many people were enjoying the SAKURA in full bloom at Ueno Park in Tokyo yesterday.
hana7.JPG hana5.JPG hana4.JPG
‘Someiyoshino’ in full bloom

Some people were sitting down and having a cherry-blossom-viewing party called "HANAMI"

The warm spring sunlight creates an art of shadow of SAKURA.

Winter has gone and spring has come …
I felt peaceful when I saw people celebrate the coming of spring in a cozy atmosphere.

A ‘famous’ statue of Saigō Takamori in the Ueno Park.
It seems to me that Mr. Saigō smiles with his dog.

★One of our sister hotels, Sakura Hostel Asakusa will hold a HANAMI (flower viewing) party on Monday, April 11th in Asakusa.
It would be awesome to have Hanami Party under the cherry trees along Sumida River.
This is a potluck party with FREE of charge and please don't forget to bring your own food and beverages.
*Meet in the lobby of Sakura Hostel Asakusa at 3:00 PM.

Please see their homepage for more details.
**Access Map to Sakura Hostel Asakusa**
(3 min. from Tsukuba Express line Asakusa station,
10 min. from Ginza and Asakusa line Asakusa station)

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"KAWAII Exhibition"

kawa1.JPG kawa2.JPG
Design・ Festa・Planet 16 will feature the world famous Japanese word "KAWAII" on April 10th(Sun)-16th(Sat) 2011.

The exhibition is called "KAWAII Exhibition 3"
The "KAWAII" will be flowering at Design・Festa・Gallery・Harajuku.
(OPEN/11:00-19:00/Entrance free).

"KAWAII" means … adorable, cute, dear, lovable, lovely, precious, pretty, sweet … actually anything that makes you feel happy could be a "KAWAII."
why don't you find your "KAWAII" works at Design・Festa・GALLERY・Harajuku?

kawa10.JPG kawa11.JPG
Published in ‘Tokyo Walker’

★Fellowship Party!
The fellowship party will be held in DF Cafe & Bar!! Everyone welcome!!
Let’s communicate with artists and visitors through art and over tasty food and freshly made cocktails and coffees.
Date+Time/Apr.10(Sun) 7pm start!
Place/Design Festa Cafe & Bar
Fee/FREE! (1drink order)
※No reservation required.

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Finally See PANDAS

pa100.JPG pa101.JPG
Ueno Zoo reopened on April 1st and also 2 giant pandas , "Ri Ri" (power) and "Shin Shin" (truth), were shown to the public on the same day. The ‘Japanese’ names were chosen from 40,438 entries from the public on March 9th. The male, Ri Ri, was called Bili in China, while the female, Xiannu, was renamed Shin Shin.

pa4.JPG pa5.JPG pa200.JPG

People were waiting in line, but it wasn't that bad.
When I arrived at the Ueno Zoo around 3 p.m. and it took me only 10 minutes to see the pandas.
(* About 3,000 people lined up before the zoo opened at 10 a.m.)

It was hard to take pictures of pandas.

Shin Shin

pa7.JPG pa8.JPG
Ri Ri

Also I like …



pa11.JPG pa12.JPG
T1.jpg T5.jpg T9.jpg

I LOVE Hanshin Tigers as well.

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Guess what we heard yesterday?
Yesterday, cherry trees in Tokyo first bloomed.

Usually cherry trees, or "SAKURA" in Japanese, fully blossom about a week after they start to bloom.

sakura1.jpg sakura9.jpg

A tour company Japan Gray Line is having ‘Cherry Blossom Walking Tour In Tokyo’
Why don't you stay at SAKURA HOTEL IKEBUKURO and take the tour?
That would be a perfect plan in this season.

Japan is the land of SAKURA.
The life of SAKURA is very short … once cherry blossoms are in full bloom, they usually only last for about a week before all the petals fall to the ground.

It is sad to know the fact that SAKURA is short-lived, but I see virtue in the fleetingness of life.

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The 2011 Tokyo Marathon took place in downtown Tokyo on February 27th.
It was about 10 days before the earthquake broke out.

ma1.jpg ma2.jpg
2 gentlemen, Jose and Carlos from Spain, participated in the Tokyo Marathon.
Hey guys, how was it?
Did you finish in the top ten?

I just respect people who can complete full marathon.
Completing the marathon is much harder than it looks.
It does not matter where you finish (number) nor when you finish (time).

At the turn-around point near Shinagawa Station, Tokyo.
I came to the point to cheer for Jose and Carlos, but I could not find them...

ma6.jpg ma5.jpg ma7.jpg ma8.jpg ma10.jpg

As the spectators cheered for the runners, the runners smiled back.
Tokyo was filled with sweat, heat, warmth and happiness.
It looked like Tokyo become one with the people.

Now, it is hard to smile.
Honestly I have been stressed out from unusual situation, but every day I receive
warm words of encouragement from friends all over the world.
“A friend in need is a friend indeed”

We look forward to seeing you next year.
Good luck with 2012 Tokyo Marathon!

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