Karaoke (カラオケ) is the singing of songs to music accompaniment synchronized with lyrics displayed on-screen. It originated in Japan and is now popular around the world, especially in Asia. Karaoke is a well-liked pastime enjoyed by people of all ages in Japan, and also makes an interesting activity for tourists to Japan, especially those looking for some night entertainment. Karaoke establishments usually open from around 11:00am to 3:00am the following morning, with longer operation hours on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Modern karaoke establishments consist of multiple private rooms (karaoke boxes) that are each equipped with a karaoke player and microphones. Besides countless Japanese songs, a reasonable selection of English songs is usually available. Songs in Chinese, Korean and other languages may be available to a lesser degree. One can also order?food and drinks?in most karaoke boxes via phones that connect them directly to the reception.

Old-fashioned karaoke bars, where patrons sing in front of everyone instead of in a private environment, can also be found in entertainment districts. They tend to be small drinking places catering to a male clientele.

Where to do karaoke

Across the country, karaoke establishments can be found in numbers, particularly in?big cities. They are often located close to?train?stations. There are mom-and-pop karaoke centers, but the easiest way to enjoy karaoke is to go to an outlet from one of the more prominent karaoke chains, such as Shidax, Big Echo, Cote D'Azur or Karaokekan. These chain outlets usually offer a more up-to-date selection of songs than individual shops.

Going to a karaoke center

Although practices vary at different karaoke establishments, the general procedure for a karaoke session at a karaoke chain outlet is as follows:

1. Head to the reception counter, where the receptionist will inquire about the following points:

2. Is it your first time there? Many establishments require a registration for first-time customers. This involves filling out a simple form and showing a proof of identity, such as a passport.

3. The number of people in your group.

4. How long you expect to sing or the plan you would like to purchase.

5. An eventual initial food or drink order.

6. What karaoke player type you would like to use. Some establishments offer more than one type as elaborated further in the following section.

7. A room will be assigned according to the size of your group, and a tab will be given to you indicating your session's starting and ending times.

8. Establishments may either have the song catalogs in the rooms or have them available at the reception, in which case you would have to bring them to your room if desired. The same applies to percussion instruments such as tambourines and maracases.

9. Go to your room, pick your songs with the karaoke player and sing with the provided microphones.

10. When your time is up, bring your tab to the counter for payment or inquire about an extension.

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Hello! Hoka here.
Sakura came earlier than expected this year.
Every year, i will take the time to visit my favorite places.


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Hello this is Shikamai Sakura staff.

Most tourist come to Japan would like to try some well known Japanese food,
SHISHI, RAMEN, TEMPULA, something like that.

Of course I also would like you to eat those. But ! There are delicious Japan food more in Japan!!
One of my favorites is ...


Looks yummy right? :-D

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Here is a special montly event coming on 8th, May (Tuesday) at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

I am the host of this event, Sumire!

This event "Strawberry Picking Tour" are achieved with the help of Strawberry farm maned "ARAI Farm Happy Ichigoen".

Actually, this event is motivated by a desire to want to picking some fruits from our guests.

We have decided to make it ture on next month!


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Una de las cosas de comer que más me gustan de Japón son los Curry-pan, una especia de Donut, bollo o berlina, rellena de estofado de Curry (un poco picante).

Este donut además de relleno está rebozado y frito y como se imaginan está realmente delicioso.

Hay varias marcas en el mercado, el más conocido es el de Yamazaki Pan (es una marca como Bimbo o Panrico) aunque también hay otras marcas que tienen sus propios Curry pan.

También se pueden encontrar Curry panes artesanos o "de panadería", generalmente algo más caros pero con una calidad menos industrial.

El curry pan de Yamazaki (arriba en la foto) puede costar en un supermercado menos de 80 yenes (a día de hoy, menos de 60 céntimos de Euro), aunque en las tiendas más caras ronda casi los 100 yenes (unos 75 céntimos de Euro).

Antes ya había escrito sobre una tienda especializada en Curry pan, para ver la entrada pinchar aquí.


En Tokio todavía persisten muchos pequeños comercios como esta vieja tienda de Té en el distrito de Itabashi, lugares donde es una delicia pasear tranquilamente e ir entrando en las tiendas para curiosear y quizá encontrar algún souvenir especial.

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Hey, Today I would like to share My Favorite Japanese foods with you!


There are a lot of kind taste like Soysource, Miso, Tonkotsu(Pork), Seafood...

and the way how to eat like "Tsukemen"(whici is my favorite way), ordering an extra balls of coodles...

Noodles is very popular food in Japan!


Well...Tantanmen(Although it came from China, I really like it!) is my favorite, too...Lol


Try to find your best one!

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Hi there!

My body sometimes desires RAMEN.
I just follow that inner voice and go to eat ...


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Did you see beatiful cherry blossom in Tokyo during your stay?

We, Sakura Hotel/Hostel have Cherry blossom viewing picnic event every year.


IMG_20180331_112311 (1).jpg

We had a HANAMI at Kitanomari park :) It was parfect day for HANAMI!!!

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