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CHARITY EVENT on March 27th

What can we do for the people who have been suffering from the disaster of earthquake and tsunami?
I ask myself that every day.
Maybe you ask yourself that every day, too.

Sometimes, it is not easy to take action…

Sending relief goods to the disaster-stricken region could be the one way.

Our Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro is going to have a charity event on March 27th to support the afflicted people in Tohoku area.

map10.JPG map11.GIF
We will have meals and drink (from 500yen) of "Tohoku" … Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate, Yamagata and Akita.

Our donation and a part of sales of the event will be donated to the Japan Red Cross .

Please come and join us.

One action surely makes someone happy.

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro

Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro

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Ikebukuro electronics retailer chains

There are two major consumer electronics retailer chains,Yamada-Denki Co., Ltd and Bic Camera Inc at Ikebukuro..

honten3[1].jpg images[3].jpg

The cashier issue a card, we have called point card, so we can accumulate points based on purchase price by presenting to them. The accumulated points can be used as a substitute for cash when the next adjustment.

bic camera2.JPG

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro
Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro

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Origin of Ikebukuro

Have you ever thought about why Ikebukuro is called Ikebukuro???
This question has come to my mind during the first time I arrived here
The kanji for Ikebukuro literally means 池:pond 袋:bag.
Well, if I found this bag in the pond, i would be very excited! haha

After doing some research, it seems that there are several origins of the name of the place.
The first is that in the northeastern part of the village there was a lake shaped like someone holding a bag.
The second is that there were once a large number of lakes in the area of various sizes (thus implying a bag full of lakes).
The third is that long ago a turtle came out of the lake carrying a bag on its back.

I am not sure which one is correct, but I'm sure that there are Vitton bags everywhere in Ikebukuro.........'s department stores! hahaha

Have you also seen a statue of an owl in the station?

It's name is Ikefukuroh(pond owl), which is a cold joke...( ̄▽ ̄;)

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Exactly one year ago … people jumped up and down with joy at the west exit of JR Ikebukuro Station.

yosakoi2.jpg yosakoi11.JPG
Tokyo Yosakoi Festival will be held in Ikebukuro again this year, from October 9th to the 10th.

Yosakoi is a dance with a unique combination of traditional Japanese dance movements with modern music, such as Samba, Rock, hip hop, Flamenco and so on.

The dances are exquisitely choreographed and usually performed by large groups.

Originally Yosakoi started in Kōchi in 1954 and "yosakoi" means "Come at night" in the dialect of Tosa province.

yosakoi8.jpg naruko333.jpg
In the Yosakoi Festival, people dance with naruko (bird clappers) in their hands.

This weekend Ikebukuro will be a hot spot for dancing...

For more details regarding The 11th Tokyo Yosakoi Festival, please refer to the following website.

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Fukuro Matsuri =festival=

Fukuro Matsuri coming this year again!
Let's bear a "Mikoshi" (portable shrines) at this festival and this would be great experience for you!
Date: Sunday, 26th Sep
Time: 14:00 (Please get together at our front desk)
Fee: Free of charge this time!
(Included food, drink, an official matsuri headband & rental Matsuri costume”Happi”)
This is a photo that was taken last year, we can see Masa and Shotaro :)

Please ask for this detail at reception and....come and join in!!

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Just Click!


When you travel abroad … there is always someone who wants to make sure you are all right.

When you check in, you can let them know that you made it safely to the hotel by just clicking on the screen and logging in facebook or twitter at the front desk.

“Finally, I have arrived safely at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro in Tokyo Japan !!”
The above message will automatically fill in, so you do not need to type anything.

Elise & Aurelie from Paris just checked in.

Parents, boyfriends & girlfriends, sons & daughters, relatives … they want to make sure if you are safe.
Just click, and it goes.

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★Ikebukuro West Gate Park★

Bon Dance Party was held at Ikebukuro West Gate Park on August 1st.


The NEW Bon Dance was arranged by the contemporary dance company ‘CONDORS

Bon dance was originally a religious ceremony to send ancestral spirits back to the spiritual world.

Nowadays, however, Bon dance has become local festival for entertainment.






children, girls, couples, Kayoko-san … everybody had a good time.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park was filled with smiles.
It was hot in the warm atmosphere.

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Lumine Ikebukuro

Good news for those who like clothes.
One of the most famous shopping buildings in Tokyo, Lumine, will open a new branch near Ikebukuro station on April 1st.

(This is Shinjuku Lumine)

↑Check out their website. Isn't it so cool?

I still don't know what shops will be in Ikebukuro Lumine.
But they always have good shops, restaurants and movie theatesr. I hope you will like their selection.
I'll let you know when they have more information about it.

I am sure Lumine Ikebukuro makes your shopping more fun!!
Enjoy your shopping at Ikebukuro.

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Japanese technology

Uniqlo sells heat-tech items.
It is very warm. Heat tech is the technology for keeping warm by steam from the body who wear heat-tech items.
They have several different items; jeans, long-sleeves, underwear, sox and so on.
Uniqlo is famous in some countries, not only in Japan.
We have one in Ikebukuro OIOI building where 5min walking from our hotel.
It was just opened in this fall. The floor is large and they have many different items.


Also, I have good news about uniqlo.
They starts special sale from Nov 21st, at 6AM!! Unfortunately, Uniqlo in OIOI building branch will not join this sale. But Uniqlo in Ikebukuro eastside branch, where 15min walking from Ikebukuro station, will join the sale!
You can not wake up?
Don't worry.
We will wake you up if you stay with us.
Looking forward to your reservation ☆


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You can also call 03-3971-2237(+81-3-3971-2237)