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Thank you very much for taking your time to come to join our charity event on March 27th.
We really appreciate it.
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JP14.jpg JP21.jpg

We will bring your smiles, hearts and donations to the people who are living in the disaster areas.

We still have a long way to go to achieve the reconstruction, but we believe and pray that people will rise from the rubbles caused by the earthquake and tsunami and get their daily lives back, no matter how long it takes.

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro

Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro

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Kanto Cable TV Jcom「街ネタ!ワイド」

Yesterday, Kanto Cable TV made a shooting here in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro!
Our managers in both hotel and cafe Shun and Ishida will be on TV!!
Adding our staff in Shinjuku office Frederik,
who is a mix of French an German also joined the shooting.
The program will be shown on 1/18(Tue)18:00?

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Attention, please!
We are going to have a new event called "Travelers' Night"

Every month, the party features one country and invites people who have been to or will go to or want to go to the country.

FR2.jpg FR3.jpg
The first Travelers' Night features ‘FRANCE’ and it will take place on January 30th (19:00 - 22:00).

We expect that a lot of Japanese people are coming, who are interested in French culture, language, history, food, drinks and more.

If you are from France, please come here and become a representative or a spokesperson of your country!

This party could be a good opportunity to share culture and increase communications between France and Japan and we wish people deepen exchanges.

Please enjoy French food and drinks (from 500 yen) and broaden the networks of your interests.

We are looking forward to meeting you!
Contact: TEL 03-5391-2330 or Email ([email protected])

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☆Merry Christmas from Sakura Hotel☆

Hello, everybody!
How do you spend your christmas?
We have just a little Christmas time left in Tokyo but I guess now the time
you enjoying Chiristmas time somewhere in the world :)

Thank you for coming Mr.Santa Claus :)
Suddenly, they appeared at Sakura Cafe!
They are cool Santa ;)
oku 002.jpg
This is a photo cafe staff, Miki and guests...just like family, I love this photo..
テラス12.10 008.jpg
We got champagne and....Merry Christmas from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro :)
And have a beautiful day.... from reindeers :p
画像 002.jpg

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Candle Night in Ikebukuro


chris3.JPG chris4.JPG
Last night we had a candle night which featured Christmas party and Bonenkai (the year-end party) at café.

Bernhard(Germany), Alice(Australia) and Darren(Canada) (from the left) enjoyed themselves in a relaxed atmosphere. They are all residents of Sakura House.

How are you going to spend on Christmas Eve?
I would like to spend a quiet evening on Christmas Eve rather than going out on the town … but problem is I have no one who will spend time together. I am sure I am going to spend ‘lonely Christmas’ Is anyone who could rescue me???

By the way, what is your favorite Christmas song?

My favorite song is …

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It is getting colder and colder.
I feel winter is around the corner.

I caught a cold and it's been a week.
What a sticky cold! I can't get rid of the cold.

How do you fight a cold other than taking cold medicine?
What is the best drink that could work on colds?

A cafe staff Sumi-san made a hot apple juice with honey and lemon for me.
The juice warmed me up and I felt much better. Especially, it was very effective against a sore throat.

cold2.jpg cold78.jpg
It was not merely juice, but also warm medicine.
Arigatou gozaimasu Sumi-san.

There is a saying "All illness comes from the mind."
When I become ill, I become mentally week and depressed, I must have a strong will to fight against the cold.

Please take a look at the following Monthly staff recommended menu.
Surely those dishes and drinks will make you warm and happy.

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Beaujolais Nouveau Party

The long-awaited release of Beaujolais Nouveau will come on November 18th this year.

Actually, Beaujolais Nouveau just arrived at our cafe yesterday!

We are going to have a buffet party on November 18 & 19 from 19:00 to 22:00 … all-you-can-drink Beaujolais Nouveau and Czech wine for 4,500 yen with 10 selected foods. Good deal, isn't it?
※A reservation is necessary

Xisela and Noelia (Spain) with Czech wine 'SVATO MARTINSKE'


wine255.jpg wine244.jpg
Do you know that Japan is the first country to release the wine because of the time difference? You should take advantage of the fact that you are in Japan NOW and have a good time with us.

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We had a Halloween party on October 29th and a variety of characters gathered at café.






Would you like to know who were winners of Halloween costume contest?

The first-prize winner is ‘Shiba Inu’ Zigen

Owner Mari-san

cosp3.jpg spider3.jpg cos7.jpg
The second place winner is ‘Spider-Woman’ Mami-san

cosp5.jpg ryoma3.jpg
The third place is ‘samurai’ Karl from Norway

And Hideki’s special award is ... a widgy ‘high school girl’ Eri and ‘blonde beauty’ Naoko.
They were so beautiful that it took my breath away…

Naoko reminds me of Scarlett Johansson …

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halloween party1.jpg

TONIGHT ... Are you ready??? hallow111.jpg

You can become a hero tonight or turn into a movie star or princess ..... anything you want to be.

ultra.jpg avatar33.jpg



At café, staring from 7 p.m.
How are you going to dress up for the Halloween costume contest?
You can be the one who gets special prize!!!

※1,400yen for 3 beer ticket is available.

According to the weather forecast, it will be a cloudy day, but NO RAIN!
Don't worry about the weather.

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Welcome to our hotel luggage san :)


Our reception is full of luggage for future guests!!
We received 38 luggage.
Welcome to our hotel luggage san:)

I see somebody is hiding...........

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