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From April 29th to May 8th this year, it is called "Golden Week" in Japan.
Because every year many national holidays fall on close
and together with Saurtaday and Sunday,
smometimes people can have many days off consecutively.
I will write about Golden Week some other time.
Today I'm going to talk about one of the national holidays in Golden Week.
That is May 5th "Kodomo no hi" which means children's day.
Even though it is called childeren's day, it is supposed to be boy's day as girl's day already exists on March 3rd.


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Esta semana paseando por la zona de Shibuya aproveché para visitar el templo Ikeijiri inari.


Se trata de un templo shintoista bastante amplio.

1461775308255 (1).jpg

Antes de salir a andar un buen desayuno como mandan los cánones. En ocasiones los niños japones también comen cereales para desayunar.

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Hello ! This is Naomi!!
I would like to inform you to invite you to our free walking tour planned on 8th/May(Sun) .
※This event is only for SAKURA HOUSE and HOTEL and HOSTEL GUESTS only.
We will go to......... Imperial Palace!
It is one of my favorite place in TOKYO!!!
Also it is free Walking Tour by Tokyo City Guide Club!!

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Hi! How's it going?

This is Takumi from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

today, I'll write about my recommended amusement park in Yokohama

The name is Hakkeijima sea paradise!!


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Empiezo el recorrido de las fotografías de Abril con el típico plato de cerdo empanado y frito. En esta ocasión este que veis me salió por 500 yenes aunque se trataba de una oferta especial, normalmente este menú saldría a unos 700 yenes más o menos. La salsa que lo acompañaba no es la típica en Tokio, se trata de una salsa de Miso muy buena que casa muy bien con las carnes y los fritos y es más común de la zona de Nagoya.


Por supuesto va acompañado de ensalada, arroz (todo el que quieras comer sin límite), sopa de miso y té verde (también de barra libre).


El otro día me encontré en un mercadillo estas figuritas de goma de los personajes del viejo video-juego "Ghosts'n'goblins, y es que este juego fué muy popular en Japón en el 1985 y 86.

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There was a big earthquake in southern Japan Kyushu area on 14 Apr.
Especially Kumamoto and Oita prefectures are still experiencing aftershocks.

We have put the donation box in our frontdesk.
Some of our guests already droped their spare Japanese coins.
We really appreciate that.

Our thoughts are with them.


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Hello, this is Tomo.

I did my training at "Sakura Hotel Hatagaya" on 1st 2 weeks of December, 2014.

It had been 1 year and a half since I got on "Keio New Line".

Until the end of July, 2013, I worked as a manager at "melonpan" bakery located right in front the North Exit of the?Shimo-Takaido Station?on the "Keio Line."

The station itself also serves as a Terminal Station for "Tokyu Setagaya Line".

Previously, I worked at my friend's bakery. In the summer of 2011, we found a store for rent, and started building inside.

It was a long and really hot summer, and we finally opened its door in the middle of October.

As we started, I fell in love with this small town with vibrant with life.

The main street of Shimo-Takaido is devided into "North" and "South" by "Keio Line" train crossing.

North side of the station


& the South side


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