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It is so hot thesedays in Tokyo.
But don`t worry..We have Kakigori(shaved ice) to avoid heat in Japan.
If you have a bit of Kakigori, you can forget the hot weather for a while.

Various Kakigori!! hooray!!♪♪♪




Looks so yummy---
Usually Japanese Kakigori is just ice flackes with syrup.

There is shaved ice in Korea as well.
Korean one is with fruit,red beans,ice cream and milk.

HERE,Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro attached to Sakura Hotel, 1st floor, serve Kakigori with toppings!!
Green tea flavor with azuki(red beans), ice cream. :p
Why don`t you try to have & enjoy it?

Posted by: Eunjung (July 31, 2012 5:19 PM) | Permalink

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Posted by: chikako (July 29, 2012 7:45 AM) | Permalink

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Sur les deux lignes principales de la J R East , Yamanote et Sobu, des tables postées à la sortie gares attireront probablement votre attention . Sur ces tables se trouve un tampon et un encrier avec au-dessus un poster . Ces tampons sont en nombre de 77 et represente chacun d'entre eux le quartier a lesquels il se trouve. On reconnaitra par exemple le dieu Ebisu sur le Tanpon de la gare éponyme ,la tour IT du quartier d'Akihabara, etc. Ces tampons existent depuis 1970. Une manière très ludique de découvrir les grands quartiers de Tokyo.
À ma connaissance il n'existe pas d'album officiel édité par le JR east, il est possible d'en trouver pour pas très cher sur Amazon à cette adresse : http://goo.gl/zcWnw


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This is Bruno again!!

Today is my last day here in Ikebukuro. It's has been already 3 weeks here where thanks to my colleagues and so nice guests I could enjoyed it everyday... Thanks a lot!

The other day I was taking a walk around Ginza, I found a celebrity cat!!

写真 (10).JPG

This pretty cat was posing standing on a signal in a so cute way that everybody don't hesitate to take a picture!!

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It is so so hot in Tokyo thesedays.

Japanese people love to have a watermelon with salt in summer to cool down.
How about your country? Any good idea for avoiding the heat??

Found the various shapes of the water melon.
☆Square, Gourd, Heart &Pyramid☆ watermelons!!!

water melon.jpg

One of the staff,Mr.Taguri, doesn`t like all species of the melon,gourd, cucumber.
How weird!! :p
They are so yummy!! Maybe he will regret someday.
Why don`t you try to enjoy the water melon by Japanese way??

Posted by: Eunjung (July 20, 2012 6:04 PM) | Permalink

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