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(by Rico)
Today I am going to  introduce the FOODS that I ate recently.

Do you know awesome dessert?

We ate this in Shin Okubo.
It is Korean dessert with ice cream,sweet beans, and mochi.

Do you know this?We call it Ten-don.↓↓

The famous food Tempura is on the rice!!!!!
You can have many kinds of tempura with this bowl.
Vegetables, meat, shrimp, some sea foods are on it;)

This is my favorite "Tonkatsu"↓↓

Its Japanese style fried pork!!You have to try it.
We eat this with rice and Miso soup.

There are so many foods that I would like to show you!!!
May be Ill show you someday after with this blog;)

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Bien que l'on retrouve certaines marques au Japon , certains produits sont bien spécifiques à ce marché. Comme ces Kit Kat saveur patate douce.

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6.25 tacos.bmp

Mexican Tacos is coming this week at Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro!! hooray--♪♪

And what`s more, CORONA beer is only 200yen if you order the tacos!!
It is big deal for who loves Beers on such a hot summer day!!
6.25 corona.jpg

Having Tacos!!
Drinking Corona!!
What a perfect combination...

I will definitely order Tacos to get corona!! :p

Have a delicious week--♪♪♪

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Did you watch "TOKYO MX TV" on 19th of June?
To our surprise....Sakura Hostel Asakusa has been chosen as the number 1 most popular place among foreign tourists in Tokyo!!


You missed TOKYO MX TV!?

Don't worry, you can watch on this blog↓↓↓

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Le moindre que l'on puisse dire, c'est que la politique de tri sélectif des déchets est une totale réussite à Tokyo. Mais le plus impressionnant c'est que les habitants l'ont complètement intégrée dans leurs habitudes de vie et jouent le jeu ! Chez soi , dans les gares , devant les combinis (= supérettes) voir dans la restauration rapide ! Les poubelles de tri se trouvent dans des endroits multiples et variés.


Des poubelles de tri dans une gare de Tokyo.

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621 canadian guest.JPG

We have a very cute guest from Canada.
His name is Brend Hammond 7 months aged.
He shows the big smile with peekaboo!! so adorable!!
(unfortunately he fell asleep on the photo)

Hope to see you again someday~~

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Today is my second day in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro!

I was working in the cafe! All staffs there are very nice! (and pretty too^^)

One of the staffs taught me how to make tea latte. And this is berry flavor! See how attractive it is! (and of coz very delicious^^)


And I discovered my hometown (Hong Kong) drink on the menu! Coffee mix with tea! We called Yinyang milk tea. Its very famous in Hong Kong. You can order this in almost all local and huge restaurants.


Why not come to our cafe to enjoy a cup of yinyang milk tea?

Hope to see you!

Posted by: Mihoko (June 20, 2012 9:05 PM) | Permalink

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