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Japanese dog breeds

The other day we had customers who told me their passion about japanese dogs.

They're so cute aren't they !!


One of the most popular is the Akita dog, just like the famous Hachiko who has his statue in the entrance of Shibuya station.


They are said to be very intelligent and loyal dogs and lots of japanese family breed them as house gardien.

An other japanese popular breed is Hokkaido dog.


Everybody in Japan know the famous Hokkaido dog "Otou-san" (Daddy). He his the main character of Softbank (one of Japan biggest phone company) advertising campain.

soff.jpg otousan.jpg

Everybody love Otou-san and there are lots of goodies based on him.


I want an Otou-san like him !! >-<"

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I am injured >.<

During my holiday, I went skiing in Gala Yuzawa, Niigata
It takes only 1 hour to go from Tokyo by Shinkansen.
So, it is one of the most popular ski resorts in Japan.
The weather was so good.....
and the scenery was magnificent........ but...
写真 (6).JPG
Unfortunately, I lost control of myself.
The speed was too fast and I was a bit afraid.
My right arm was out of joint and it hurt so seriously!
...I should not have used my arm to stop myself.
I think the best way is to let it go ...
The medication was very expensive...
Can someone treat me meals in the following week?? XD

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ran1.jpg ran2.jpg
Karlee who is from Perth (Australia) was carrying randoseru on her back.
It was my second time to see the guest who had a randoseru.
Karlee currently has lived in Japan as an exchange student for 6 months and bought the randoseru in Wakayama.

Irena was the first one.

Randoseru is commonly used in elementary schoolchildren in Japan.

The new school term in Japan starts in April.
Some department stores have already had back-to-school spring sale.

The term randoseru is a borrowed word from the Dutch "ransel" that means "backpack."
The Netherlands was the only European country with which Japan had trade relations between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries and then a large number of Dutch words came into Japanese.

ran8.jpg ran9.jpg
Recently, a story has been reported as a touching tale by the mass media.
The story … People calling themselves Naoto Date who is the main character of the manga "Tiger Mask" put thousands of randoserus with letters in front of orphanages all over Japan.

ran10.jpg ran11.jpg
In the story of "Tiger Mask," Naoto Date was raised in an orphanage.
He becomes a heroic wrestler Tiger Mask and keeps donating money to the orphanage where he grew up during his childhood.

Who is your hero?
You could be a hero if you make someone feel happy and encouraged.

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Let's do Purikura !

Have you ever heard of Purikura?
It's a very popular Japanese photobooth / stickers machine.


The reason why it is so popular is probably because it automatically takes your best shot with perfect skin and cute puppy eyes. But you can also customize your pictures after the shooting : make up yourself, put some glasses or ribbons in your head, add some shiny stickers and you got the ideal souvenirs from your shopping day with your friends.

You can find Purikura machines in every game center in Japan.

Unfortunately, it’s all written in Japanese !!But you shouldn’t stop at this difficulty : just read my tips and try it !! You’ll have lot of fun for sure.

1. Enter into the shooting corner and prepare yourself (Attention, arrange your hair and clothes before inserting the coins because it will start very quickly!)
2. Insert coins, usually 400 yen.
3. Look at the tactical screen : it will ask you to choose the style, luminosity, size of the eyes and layouts for your pictures. You should choose quickly because it has a count-down who will choose for you when it ends up.
4. Shooting time ! Make fun poses, don’t forget you can put stickers and write on it after.
5. When finish, go to the other side of the machine to customize your pics (with tactical pens on the screen)
6. This is maybe the most frustrated part when you cannot understand Japanese but don’t panic : 2 people can customize on the same time. Select the pic you wants to make, then you should try to open all the little tags and see what you can do (there are pens, stickers, layout, make up…) You can also adjust the size of the item you selected, rotate it, and there is also an eraser so check up at the icons on the screen.

My last tip (but not the less, well I guess..) : try to choose a machine not too crowded, or try to go there on the morning on week days. The customize time has a count-down (generally 120sec, so very fast!!) but if there are no other customers entering the machine while you are in the customize corner, then the timer will stop and you can enjoy it as long as you want ^^!

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Hola, Amigos!!
Do you have any plan for this weekend?
If no, we have good news for you!
Sakura cafe will have mexico party on Feb 27th, from 19:00.

0202blog 001.jpg

Here is detail for the event.
Check check check!!


Travelers' Night is our new event for all the people who love traveling. Each month, we feature one country and prepare the country's special food and drinks for you.

Join us and meet new friends who have been to/will go to/want to go to/are interested in Mexico!! Mexican people are of course most welcomed.


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pan1.jpg pan2.jpg
Have you ever seen giant pandas?

2 giant pandas arrived at Narita airport on a flight called 'FLY! PANDA' from Shanghai on the night of February 21 and the giant pandas were taken to Tokyo's Ueno Zoo.

pan4.jpg pan5.jpg
BiLi (Male/left) and XianNu(Female)
They are rented pandas from China and the rental fee is about 79 million yen (about 950 thousand dollars) per year. The rental period is 10 years.

This is the first time for giant pandas to be seen at the Ueno Zoo since the death of male panda Ling Ling in 2008.

pan8.jpg pan9.jpg
The giant pandas will be shown to the public in Ueno Zoo around the end of March.

pan10.jpg pan11.jpg
‘Panda yaki’ is available at Sakuragi-tei near the main gate of Ueno Zoo

pan12.jpg pan13.jpg
Ueno Ameyayokocho called ‘Ameyoko’ welcomes the pandas by hanging the banners out.

pan14.jpg pan15.jpg

Pandas are everywhere in Ueno … even at construction site.

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Have you ever seen Sakura?
Our group is named after Sakura, which is a famous flower in Japan.
Actually Sakura means Cherry blossom in English.
It is a kind of flower than can represent Japan since Japanese have special feelings
about Sakura. It is so beautiful, but only appears for a very short period in a year.
This has become a metaphor of men's life....


"Hanami" is the centuries-old practice of picnicking under
a blooming sakura tree.
In Tokyo, one of the the most famous places for Hanami is Ueno Koen(Park).

People sit under the trees full of flowers, drink beers and have meals.

There are many websites that forecast when the blossoming begins.
You can see a graph like the one below.

This year, it is forecast that the blossoming of Sakura will begin on 26 Mar.
Please come that time to enjoy the once for a year event in Tokyo!

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Tsukiji fish market, ... and the sushi places

Tsukiji fish market is one of the must visit places in Tokyo for the tourists.

You could take a look of super fresh fish and lively people working hard around.

It's also famous for the tuna auction at dawn. The auction starts at 5:00 and 5:40.
Still, to get the entrance permit, you should wait on the line... from around 4:00~4:30.
(They accept about 140 visitors a day for the observation.
Should get hurry and early!)

Yet, since I am not an early birld kind of a person...T-T
, I gave up observing the auction,
and got a line for the sushi place.

There are two famous sushi restaurants at Tsukiji market,
Sushi Dai and Sushi Daiwa.
Both of the places are notorious for its long~~~~~ waiting time.
Fortunately, I waited for only an hour... ;D

I went to Daiwa. It's twice bigger than Dai,
so the line gets shorter comparably fast.

For me, it was the best sushi ever!!! How awesome!
I hope to visit there again possibly soon.. and will see the tuna auction as well.

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Chloe is shooting Kyoichi!!

Just kidding.
That is just toy from Edwards.

They are such a mischievous guests.
Thank you staying with us.

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add1.jpg add7.jpg
Sometimes I feel like eating Big Mac.

add3.jpg add4.jpg
Sometimes I want to eat Fried Chicken.

However, Ken and Kayoko are addicted to This.

It seems to me …

Forever they will be snack addicts.

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