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Nice to meet you!


*Name: Masaru Okami(Call me Ken)
*Hometown: Kyoto
*Launguage:Japanese, English
*Countries visited:France,Germany,Netherland,Austria,Hangary,Poland,USA,Taiwan,Australia
*Travel episode:I had been to Europe as musician.I got a invitation from big rock festival"Donau festival 2009.In this year Sonic youth ,Anthony & the Jhonsons,Aphex twin,Spilitualized etc...played.
I talked and drink very good quality wines with such a famous musicians.
Especially i have a wonderful experience with member of sonic youth(Lee ranald).
I already met him in Paris when he had a exhibiton.
I was bit nervous before first meeting with him.
But he is so kind guy.So he invited me for his party.
I talked and showed my performance.And he said"Yeah it's very good noise!".
It's so wonderful night.
Check this out!!!!You can see what i did as musician little bit.http://kenokami.klingt.org/en/prof2/33
*I love.... Waterfall,Mountain,Music,Movie,Kyoto.
*Message:Japan is so special country.I want to help you to know this speciallity.
And i have a good relationship with musicians and film director and such a kind of person who make Japanese cultural scene.
I can help you to enjoy Japanese special culture.


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Ikebukuro winter collection

Entry No.1, Geta boy!

I'm glad when I found someone put somehow Japanese traditional things.
Have a look :)
What a nice! he wear 'Geta', Japanese wooden clogs.
We have slightly chance or maybe none to see people wear Geta in Tokyo.
He got this Geta in Tsukiji,
Though, this should be cold in winter season....

Entry No.2 Kimono!
Alex came back this winter.
He really like Kimono and we saw he went out with this outfit sometimes.
Looks nice ;)
Very impressed about he already know how to wear Kimono :)

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Asian Cup! Japan Wins Asian Cup, Defeating Australia

Japan won the Asian Cup for a record fourth time yesterday when the substitute striker Tadanari Lee scored in extra time for a 1-0 victory over Australia in Doha, Qatar.


Here in Sakura Cafe, many guests came to watch the match!
Most of them were Japanese guests who support their country.

When Japan got 1 shoot, every one was very excited.
They are so serious about the match!

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”Sunshine City”

For guests staying in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro,
they usually go to Sunshine City located at
the East Gate of Ikebukuro Station, to do shopping.

In fact, there is another ”Sunshine City”陽光城 at
the West Gate, which is opened by some Chinese
people living in Japan.
The shop sells traditional Chinese food, seasonings, daily products, etc.
I recommend you to go and have a look, especially Chinese who
live in Japan and need to buy some seasonings!!

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Bonjour! New staff ^o^/


Bonjour! Je suis Chloé, toute nouvelle dans l'équipe de Sakura Hôtel Ikebukuro !

Originaire de Franche-Comté, j'ai étudié en Alsace à l'Universite Marc Bloch de Strasbourg et à l'école de langues Shinjuku Nihongo Gakkou à Tokyo avant d'intégrer l'equipe Sakura Hotel.
J'ai fais pas mal de petits boulots ici à Tokyo : serveuse, vendeuse, professeur de francais... plein d'expériences qui m'ont permis de faire de nouvelles rencontres et d'apprendre beaucoup sur le Japon et les japonais. Durant mon temps libre, j'aime faire du shopping du coté de Shinjuku et aller m'amuser le soir à Shibuya : vous l'aurez compris, j'aime beaucoup Tokyo pour son coté "ville qui ne dort jamais".

Mais ce n'est pas pour autant que je délaisse les balades paisibles et les découvertes de petits temples cachés au détour d'une ruelle, témoignage frappant du contraste traditionnel / modernité. J'aime beaucoup voyager et faire de nouvelles rencontres, alors n'hésitez pas à venir me trouver à l'hôtel Sakura d'Ikebukuro ! ;)

Hi everyone ! I am Chloe from France and I just started working here at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro !

I am coming from the east countryside of France, and studied in Alsace before coming in Japan in 2008.
I made a lot of jobs here such as waitress, shop staff or french teacher, and thanks to that I have learned a lot about Japan and japanese people and made myself a lot of new friends.
I love Tokyo for its "never-sleep-city" side and while time-off I like to go shopping in Shinjuku and have funny Shibuya nights.
But I also like to walk to some calm traditionnal places just like Meiji Jingu parc, so contrasting with the effervesence of the city.
My passion is traveling, I have been staying in Australia when I was 15 and since then I traveled to a lot of places around the world, like Florida, Hong-Kong, Singapour, Indonesia, Caribbean sea islands and Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece... Don't hesitate to come find me at Ikebukuro Sakura Hotel ; )


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Whee Jine held a new year concert in Japan

Yesterday, on January 26th, there was a New year concert of Whee Jine at Kioi hall.


He is a Korean popera tenor, known as Korean Paul Potts.


Although he had a dream of becoming a singer, he once gave up studying due to family circumstances
and worked as an automative engineer.

However, he had never given up his dream as a whole.
He practiced singing while working, entered the colleage of music and finally became a popera singer.


Especially, for yesterday's concert, Queen Michiko had come to see his performance.

For us all, it's good to have one's own dream and keep working on it. ;)

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shirt2.jpg shirt3.jpg
What a COOL T-shirt!

Bach Peter Tran who is from Brisbane, Australia got this Yamanote Line T-shirt in Shibuya.

It is not too much to say that the Yamanote Line T-shirt is one of the coolest things in Tokyo among people from overseas.

The Yamanote Line is one of Tokyo's busiest and most important commuter rail lines.

Running as a loop line, it connects most of Tokyo's major 29 stations, including Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shinagawa, Akihabara and Tokyo. Trains which run clockwise are known as sotomawari “outer circle“ and those counter-clockwise as uchi-mawari “inner circle”.

Tokyo Loop Line

If you buy a Yamanote Line T-shirt, which station would you like to have on the front?

Of course I would have one printed with IKEBUKURO.

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They are students at University of Guam.

Angela holds a pose … the gesture is called “Hang Loose”

It means ‘no worries’ or ‘take it easy’ in Pacific Islands.
guu33.JPG guu44.JPG
Guam is one of the most popular beach resorts among Japanese people.

I am attracted to their cheerfulness and kindness and their smiles bring balmy breeze to Tokyo.

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See how delicious Japanese Mikan is.

Too fast!!

It's empty now.
10days ago, there is full of Mikan in this box..
ooops, I found one Mikan left..
This is a luckly survived Mikan kun :)
Let's take a picture with Victor....um? Mikan kun looks nervous?

Anyway 10kg Mikan has gone in 10days.
It means 1kg mikan went to somebody's stomach everyday.

Who is the Mikan monster??
I know, I know
Japanese mikan is best in the world.
Right, Victor??

Well then, good bye Mikan kun....

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Pao-chan(right) and Lea-chan(left) :)
I thought those are from Japanese Anime but it wasn't...
Have look another picture :)
Oh yes, Pao-chan is Paola's figure and Lea-chan is Lea's one.
Their Japanese friend ordered to make their figure in Akihabara and gave them as gift :)
How nice story!
I hope they will enjoy the rest of the days in Tokyo and....maybe come back to see Sumo Match in May??
(They wanted to see Sumo Match today but tickets are sold out and unfortunately it's last day today and next one going to be held in May....)

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