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Yoi otoshi wo...

Hello everyone :)
This is the last day for 2010...time just does fly sooo fast really....

How was your 2010??
Do you have any resolution for the new year?

We, Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro Staff, 'Wishing you will have A Happy Happy New Year',
we would say 'yoi otshi wo' to everyone....
And we do hope your new year 2011 going to be a great one :)

We are look forward to continuing progress in the New Year!

Thank you!!

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Where are you from?

The family is from ???

They are from Republic of Maldives.

My friends just went to Maldives on their honeymoon!

Oh, friends! I'm so jealous!


Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Where would you like to go on your honeymoon in the future?

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Countdown events in Tokyo

A decade has passed since the millennium, how do you feel? Has the world become better? Have your dreams come true? Did you have a good time?

No matter how you think, time just passes and does not wait for anyone of us. Let us welcome the new decade by celebrating the year together!!

Let’s COUNTDOWN!!!!!!!!!!

It is just a rehearsal. Lol

Last time I introduced the countdown activities in Hong Kong. This time let me introduce those in Tokyo.

Releasing balloons in Zojoji Temple
Do you have some wishes for the next year?
You can write it on the a card and fly it into the sky!
Then when it comes to 12am sharp on 1 January 2011
2011 will be shown on the Tokyo Tower, while the big bell will be rung for 108 times…

Another suggestion is going to see a concert of Ayumi Hamasaki!

If you can get a ticket!

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Hatsuhinode (初日の出) is the first sunrise of the year. Before sunrise on January 1, people often drive to the coast or climb a mountain so that they can see the first sunrise of the new year.

I often see sunset, but seldom see sunrise, as it is usually too early!!!!

The easiest way to see hatsuhinode is climbing on the Tokyo Tower.
The time for the sunrise on 1Jan2010 is about 6:50

Chiba Prof
Kanagawa Prof.

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My works finished!
I had lunch at this table, it was great :)
Well, who gonna use this table next??

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New Year's Eve events in Hong Kong

Not to be confused with Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, which is the biggest celebration of the year, New Year in Hong Kong, meaning December 31st, is also the source of big parties and even bigger hangovers. Below, you’ll find our top recommendations, from Hong Kong’s own Times Square to club parties, to enjoy the countdown.

1. Times Square New Years Countdown
The grandstand event of Hong Kong’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, the Times Square countdown, like its inspiration, is the focal point for those who want to join a crowd as the clock ticks down. There will be live music and entertainment before 2010 rolls around.

2. Victoria Harbour New Years Celebration
Arguably more enjoyable than the Times Square celebrations above, the New Year fireworks over the buildings of Hong Kong Island are truly spectacular. Best viewed from Victoria Harbor on one of the all-in food and drink cruises, the skyscraper skyline, the most spectacular in the world, is the backdrop for a spectacular light, sound and firework show. If you can’t make it onto a boat, the views from the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui are equally impressive.

This year, there will be a brand new design of the fireworks, which the numbers will be shot from the top of the skyscrapers on the island

3. New Year Parties in Lan Kwai Fong

Focal point for the city’s revellers, New Years Eve is the biggest party of the year in Lan Kwai Fong, which is a popular expatriate haunt in Hong Kong for drinking, clubbing and dining. It has been so crowded that accident actually happened some years ago...

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☆Merry Christmas from Sakura Hotel☆

Hello, everybody!
How do you spend your christmas?
We have just a little Christmas time left in Tokyo but I guess now the time
you enjoying Chiristmas time somewhere in the world :)

Thank you for coming Mr.Santa Claus :)
Suddenly, they appeared at Sakura Cafe!
They are cool Santa ;)
oku 002.jpg
This is a photo cafe staff, Miki and guests...just like family, I love this photo..
テラス12.10 008.jpg
We got champagne and....Merry Christmas from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro :)
And have a beautiful day.... from reindeers :p
画像 002.jpg

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Happy Christmas Eve to everybody :)
I went to 'Tokyo Midtown' to see Christmas illuminations.
It was cold day but I never felt cold for a while...
Everbody just stared this beautiful scenery... :)
And when I turned around, Tokyo Tower was there, towering a little away with 'HEART' :)

At Ritz Carlton Tokyo...unfortunately I could not afford to have dinner there..just snap a picture of tree....:) I'm dreaming...having dinner oneday in the future at 47th floor...!
Lovely candle brothers, I caught their eyes... :)
Wonder you already have been somewhere to see illuminations?
Or spending time with families or friends?
Or working like us?
Well, it does not matter, have a peaceful and beautiful day today everybody ;)

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Candle Night in Ikebukuro


chris3.JPG chris4.JPG
Last night we had a candle night which featured Christmas party and Bonenkai (the year-end party) at café.

Bernhard(Germany), Alice(Australia) and Darren(Canada) (from the left) enjoyed themselves in a relaxed atmosphere. They are all residents of Sakura House.

How are you going to spend on Christmas Eve?
I would like to spend a quiet evening on Christmas Eve rather than going out on the town … but problem is I have no one who will spend time together. I am sure I am going to spend ‘lonely Christmas’ Is anyone who could rescue me???

By the way, what is your favorite Christmas song?

My favorite song is …

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Countdown for Christmas☆

Nagi chan doing something for the window :)
She makes snow falling, ah, well done!!
Ooops,Mauro!it's good timing and nice face :p
We have decorated at cafe for Christmas...
No matter how old we are, we love Christmas decoration and we can enjoy that.


And there are many places lighting up in Tokyo and now this photo capture my heart...
What a fantastic atmosphere and it's like we are in the another world :D
This is the palce 'Toyko Midtown' in Roppongi.
【Date】11th November-26th December

Enjoy spending Christmas time in Tokyo ;)
Now countdown 3 days to Christmas...

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