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Taiko no tatsujin-Japanese drum expert

Have you been to 'Game center' (amusement arcade )?
There are many amusement arcade in Tokyo, and people playing
and enjoying video games there.
And you will see this machine which has screen and Japanese drum in front of it.
This is the game how perfect you can hit the drum to the music.
The screen says that timing and you just hit that drum and if it's good timing, you get a score 'good!'
I'm now enjoying this game on my iPod, and maybe I hit the screen strongly....
wondering if my iPod is okay??
Just try the one you can see in the amusement arcade!
You can feel to be Japanese drum expart!! good timing!
We have 'Wadaiko (Japanese drum) show' and reception party at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!
Information is as below,

DATE: December 18th (Sat)
PLACE: Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
TIME: Performance 4pm~Reception party 5pm~
FEE: Free and 1,000yen for the party

You sould not miss this chance☆

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Cookie monster?

WOW, what a big cookie box is!!Kyoichi can hide behind it!
Gemma san from England gave us two boxes of cookie :)
When I found this cookie box, it was almost empty and just a few cookies left...
Oh my god, maybe....some cookie monster working here??
And....I found somebody did like this!What happend?
I started tracking who did this a moment, I saw someone...
Hum..I know this person very well...then?
That's just what I thought....
Again, thank you Gemma san, we are really happy for this cookie!!
And we are cookie monster :p

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Golden Leaves

What’s your favorite spot in Tokyo?

My favorite one is Jingu Gaien (The Meiji Jingu Outer Garden).

jingu10.jpg jingu11.jpg
Now, the leaves on the ginkgo trees along Gaien-dori have turned yellow (actually it looks gold to me) and needless to say,Gaien-dori is famous for the beautiful colored leaves. It feels so good to walk on the ‘golden carpet’

Another reason why I like Jingu Gaien is … because I can enjoy watching sports all year long. Especially I like the fall and winter months coz I love rugby. I would say that I take a subway Ginza-line and get off at the Gaienmae station and hang around Jingu Gaien almost every weekend in winter season.

There are 3 major stadiums in Jingu Gaien area.

jingu.jpg jingu2.jpg
Jingu Stadium

jingu5.jpg jingu6.jpg jingu7.jpg
Chichibunomiya Rugby Field

jingu12.jpg jingu9.jpg
National Stadium

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THAI Festa in Sakura Cafe!

We gonna have 'Thai festa' on 5th of December!!
Let's celebrate the Thai King's birthday at Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro!

Dec 5th is the birthday of the great King of Thailand as well as the Farther's Day of the country. The world's most famous Thai beer brand, SINGHA, and Sakura Cafe will collaborate on this day with the best selection of Thai food and drinks (beer and beer cocktails).

Addmission: Free (Thai food/drinks from 500 yen)

*Welcome SINGHA! Those who arrive before 19:00 will be given a bottle or SINGHA or a glass of cocktail for free!!
Oh....that's great!!
Why don't you come and join us!?
Let's make a toast with 'SINGHA' beer!!

Sawadi-ka(hello) Thailand ;)

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Local specialty?

This is the photo, 'Potato chip' with Sariko.
Oops,she is working now, sorry :p
She got this potato chip from Tochigi pref as souvenir for us :)
We know there are generally some flavor like salt, vinegar,seaweed..and so on.
This is the one, which is actually we can't find it in Tokyo,
this is kind of local specialty.
This special flavor is 'Gyoza'! (dumpling) and Utsunomiya city is saying 'Gyoza city'.
Someone brought this recipe from China long time ago and it spread over in this town.
There are numerous gyoza shops and also this potato chip:)

Oneday, someone show me the box and asked where they can buy it.
That was 'KitKat' in 'Matcha' taste.
Actually this only selling in Kyoto, bacause Matcha is local specialty for Uji city in Kyoto.

Here as you can see, there are special taste 'KitKat' selling in limited area.
Apple Kitkat in Nagano pref

Wasabi (!) KitKat in Shizuoka pref

Orange KitKat in Shikoku area

Soy sauce KitKat(!?) in Tokyo

Sweet potato KitKat in Kyushu area

Also there are various snacks in various flavor and it becoming one of our another enjoyment
to find them when we go on a trip in Japan :)

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Thank you for your smile :)

We are meeting many smile everyday.
Thank you all :)

SMILE☆SMILE☆SMILE from all over the world.

Xavier san from United States.

David Frank san and his friends from Germany

画像 015.jpg 画像 016.jpg
Fabrice san and his friends from France.

Jamel and Lydie from France

Group from Australia.

We are waiting your smile☆

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In a packed train...

In a packed would you read newspaper? (ah, this quesition would be never happened in your country...maybe it only happen in Tokyo? :p)

Well, will quick to give it up??
Oh...don't give up so fast....!
Here, I showing you how Japanese people read newspaper in a packed train :)

First, you just need to fold the paper in half.
Then now you can read articles both side in front and back if turned it over.
And turn to second page and fold the paper in half again.
CIMG4526.jpg CIMG4527.jpg
When you read the part hidden inside, just open like a book and fold on the back.
CIMG4528.jpg CIMG4529.jpg
You don't need much space for read a newspaper :p

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moon100.jpg moon101.jpg
Mikko Vehvilainen gave us some ‘Moomin’ candy when he checked out.

A group of NICE Finnish guys

Moomin has been one of the world's most popular children's story characters.
When I was a child, I was absorbed in TV series and picture books of Moomin.

However, honestly I did not know Moomin was created by Finnish writer Tove Jansson until now.

When I met again with Moomin in the package, I remembered the feeling of melancholiness and tenderness that I always felt from Moomin when I was a kid.

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Hank Freeman is a Yo Yo Man.

He is not Yo Yo Ma … sorry for … silly joke  

Hank is from Ohio and he is a guest player for the Yo Yo contest called ‘44CLASH Battle Tournament’at SUNPHONIX HALL in YOKOHAMA ARENA on November 20 and 21.

Are you familiar with Yo Yo?

Yo Yo is a toy consisting of a flat spool and a string and it is played by a variety of tricks.

I am surprised by the history of Yo Yo…

A Greek vase shows a boy playing Yo Yo (440 BC)

An illustration of a woman playing with Yo Yo known as a "bandalore" (1791)

"Yo Yo" was a Philippine Tagalog word and 16th century Philippine hunters used Yo Yo as a weapon to throw at wild animals.

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Hiking in Mt.Takao is very popular among elder people and girls recently.
Trails are not so rough and everybody can enjoy hiking to top of the mountain.
It's quite good season for hiking there...maple leafs turned a deep red color and it was specially beautiful.
The Michelin Guide Tokyo highly recommended, it marked 3 stars :)
Easy access should be one of the reason why Mt.Takao is very popular.
It just 40min from Shinjyuku by Keio line.
You can have look Shinjyuku's skyscrapers on the way to the top.

Originally Mt.Takao considered a sacred place and also training place for monks.
Mt.Takao is closely associated with devotion to Tengu which has big nose and believed it has spiritual power.
karasu tengu.jpg
It is said people recieve energy and get healthy and become cheerful from this site:)
And additionally icecream give you some more energy?

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