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In summer time, we can have a lots of fun at beach....
How about you?
Lay down and relaxing...drift on the waves....snorkering....surfing......?

I love snorkering and bodyboarding!(I'm not good at though.....)
I've been to Izu peninsula, Shizuoka prefecture, which takes 3 hours from Tokyo.
There is my favorite beautiful beach in southern peninsula.
Really clear water and sandy beach and also good waves there...
these are what I really wanted!

And we can have beautiful meal...this was what I wanted too :)
I'm a giant man at here :p

And I met them!!that was great !!
はこふぐ.jpg エイ.jpg

Japan is surrounded by ocean and there are more beaches....
Bouso peninsula, Chiba prefecture
also have many good beaches.
And Syonan
or Atami,
just take 1 hour from Shinjyuku, central of Tokyo, there are also beaches to get
there easily.
Now it's already the end of August and summer will over soon....
we going to miss this terrible hot summer some time but it isn't over soon!
And....sun goes down...sunset at beach.... special moment... ;)

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It has been a while

Who is this guy?
He used to work here and left in January.
And he just stopped by to say hello :)
Of course, we went Izakaya to make a toast for reunion!

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The Best of Indonesia National Karate Team in Tokyo

Hello, my name is Lutfi.
Today, I will introduce to you The Indonesia National Karate Team who is staying Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. Further, I hope when your country's a noble people stay here, please give me information so we will make a news. Let's make Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro as the second house of international people!!!!


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Mata Rainen -see you in next year-

How lovely Family from Thailand!
A boy looked at me and said, 'these are sweets from Thailand for staff and cleaning staff'....
And then, he said,'mata rainen!' (see you in next year) in Japanese!
Yes, 'mata rainen'!, we are looking forward to seeing you again :)

Just one thing..I forgot to ask how to eat and what are they made from...?

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Just Click!


When you travel abroad … there is always someone who wants to make sure you are all right.

When you check in, you can let them know that you made it safely to the hotel by just clicking on the screen and logging in facebook or twitter at the front desk.

“Finally, I have arrived safely at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro in Tokyo Japan !!”
The above message will automatically fill in, so you do not need to type anything.

Elise & Aurelie from Paris just checked in.

Parents, boyfriends & girlfriends, sons & daughters, relatives … they want to make sure if you are safe.
Just click, and it goes.

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He came back :)

.....with 2 big pizzas!!! wow~!!
Thank you again Matthew!
That day was his birthday, we gave surprize cake which made by Shimizu chef to him ;)
How nice idea, Eri tried to decolate with firework on the cake, but she were struggle with the light on...
'Happy birthday!!'
We were very glad to see his happy face ;)
Everybody big smile with big pizza :)

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Have you try shaving ice?

It's another heating summer day.
It seems like last long another a month..
But don't worry,
You can cool down with delicious shaving ice @sakura cafe

staff photos 001.jpg
Flavor with sylup; Strawberry, Mango, Soda and Meron.
Flavor with alcohole; Tequila, Sakura, Cassis, Peche, and Blue sky.

Eri serves you delicious shaving ice ☆
It's available only during summer.
Don't miss it!

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BIG Pizza!

Thank you Matthew!
He gave big American pizza for all of us!!
beer 006.jpg

That was quite huge and not likely Japanese pizza...
Yes, he went American base,Fussa, and got this big pizza!
I've never seen this big size pizza before...
Arigatou Matthew ;)

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Go Go Harajuku :)

Tokyo Photo Contest Exhibition @Desing Festa Gallary, Harajuku
Aug 20th-23rd. 12:00-20:00
Admission free

tokyo photo contest IMG_4424.jpg

What is the best of Tokyo from a Foreigner's Perspective?
"Tokyo Photo Contest" on SNS Sensation Facebook
The Real Tokyo Caught on Film by Overseas Visitors

This summer, our residents and 10,000 Facebook fans have been capturing the local scenery, people, cuisine, etc. on their cameras and submitting to our photo contest titled “The Best Tokyo from a Foreigner's Perspective”. More than 3,000 votes have been cast by clicking the "Like" button and the winner among the 300 participants has been decided! We greatly appreciate everyone who contributed their works of art or cast their vote.
Thank you for making this a fantastic competition!

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HMV SHIBUYA will be closed today.

The first HMV’s shop in Japan opened in Shibuya, Tokyo on November in 1990.

I used to watch independent movies in Shibuya and then walk around ‘museum’ of HMV SHIBUYA on weekends.

CD follows a course of decline in exchange for convenience of downloaded music and shopping online. It seems that something important disappears one after another …

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