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Nature in Tokyo

Tokyo is great city to live but sometimes I really feel want to be in the nature.....
I've been to Okutama, west part of Tokyo, which take 2 hours ride on the train,
there is plenty of nature and it's not like Tokyo that we know.

It was really hot day and I stepped into the river, then, screamed because water was so cold!!
And I took a nap at river side with listening sound of a stream and bird's singing,
it was so comfortable...

I brought weapon with me :p
But my friend took it and attacked me heavily.......I really got wet........
I shouldn't have brought it :(

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Uchiwa and Sensu

We know summer is hot but....what a terrible hot summer this year!!
Now I think we can't live without air-con and we also use paper fan(uchiwa) and folding fan(sensu).
せんす1.jpg うちわ.jpg
Kimono lady and Uchiwa, um, it's looks beautiful :) I want to be like this....
We use Uchiwa sometimes and feel bleeze....
Then, this is a picture....um??!
Have look and focus the person in the middle.....
Tomo holding Sensu making by Japanese 10,000yen!!??
Tomo said, 'I don't want to fanning myself!!' then....Sariko fanning for her.....
oh, dear...!
PS: this is a story made up and Japanese yen Sensu also fake, no worry :p

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Fuji Rock Festival 2010 will be held at Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata on July 30, 31 and August 1.

Guess what! We have guests who will perform at the Fuji Rock … 2 bands from France and Spain.

LA RUDA (France) will perform at ORANGE COURT at 19:00-20:00 on July 31.


LaRuda02.jpg LaRuda22.jpg

LaRuda03.jpg LaRuda5.jpg

MALLACAN (Spain) will perform at ORANGE COURT at 14:40-15:40 on August 1.


Mallacan40.jpg Mallacan2.jpg

The last time I went to Fuji Rock was in 2005 when my favorite band ‘COLDPLAY’ performed at GREEN STAGE.
'Independence', 'Cooperation' and 'Respect of nature' are the key concepts of the festival.
It is worth going to the Fuji Rock Festival. You will love it.


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New face @Sakura Cafe

Mr.Noe from Austria!!

He speaks German and French, English and Japanese!!
Ohhhh, how smart he is!
I wonder how does he dream in which language??

He going to work at cafe in the night time.
Please come to see him ;)

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Are you Visual Kei?

I have seen so many guests who are extremely crazy about Japanese visual kei bands.
The guests are mostly from Europe.
I have been wondering what make them into it.

The clearly defined character of visual kei is outrageous and innovative make-up & hair styles and punk and metal sound.
Um... I am more than curious about it. That’s mystery.

Tabea and Sesin from Germany went to the Gazette’s concert last Friday.

Also they went to the KAT-TUN’s concert last Saturday.
KAT-TUN is one of the major Idol groups in Japan.
They love Kazuya Kamenashi.

I am glad to see that Japanese visual kei and idols are loved and supported by people in other countries and become universal things. I believe their passion will promote real international exchange.

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New faces☆☆

~~Sumi and Eri~~


Come to see new faces!

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View from Ikebukuro

This is a view from Ikebukuro ;)
Sometimes, we can see beautiful side of Tokyo city.
Buildings, houses are spreading over and looks like never ending....and
shining like ocean.

I took this by mobile, so it came out not so good but still beautiful isn't it?

There are a few observatories inTokyo,
●Metropolitan government-Shinjyuku station
Admission free

●Sunshine 60-Ikebukuro station
Admission 620yen

●Tokyo tower-Akabanebashi station
Admission 820yen

●Roppongi Hills-Roppongi station
Admission 1,500yen


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How do you spend in Summer?

I always spend watching baseball game.





I do not like dome stadium , and you?
It is good to feel air and sound of cheering outside.
My favorite stadium is Yokohama Stadium.
You get lovely breezes blowing off the ocean and having beer at the stadium is just wonderful.

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Funny shirt

Mr.Donald saying something.....?
He must be world famous person from McDonald's and he saying.....
'If you are Japanese, eat rice!'

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Yumi chan on the vacation now


Guess where she is.
She is in Hokkaido(northern island)
We have terrible hot summer days recently.
But Yumi chan just enjoy the fresh air in Hokkaido,
And eat such a fresh delicious seafood or salmon like this↓
This might be Yumi??!.................................oops :p

Hey, Yumi chan
Don't forget to buy souvenior for us☆

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