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Season for Fresh green

Hey, 'Spring'....please stay still!
Well well, we have beautiful days, nice and warm recently ;)
And it has just started consecutive holiday called 'golden week'.
Usually Japanese go somewhere during this holidays.
But tours price going up to double or more and traffic gets heavy...
So I will stay in Tokyo during this holiday and get out after that! yey ;)

Anyway, this is beautiful season for fresh green, they are shining in the sun.
Fresh green is '新緑 'in Japanese, which mean 'New Green'.
How about going to garden or park around Tokyo and enjoy the picnic with 新緑?

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You need take a rest...

Everyday everyday....working and working....no holiday.....no vacation......

Mr.automatic ticket gate, you worked too much...
Please don't be upset and take a good rest...


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Karate fighters, Luci and Darsheka were about to knock me out!

karate5.jpg karate8.jpg karate3.jpg
They are members of New Zealand Poneke Kyokushin Dojo and participated in Junior and Women’s Championships that was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba.

When I lived in San Francisco, Sydney and Toronto, a lot of my friends went to Karate dojo and I realized that Karate was a universal sport that was practiced all over the world.
I have never done Karate, but I am always wondering what make people from other countries into karate and I would like to know their perception about karate and Japanese martial arts.


wheelblacks2.jpg wheelblacks.jpg
New Zealand … I do like All Blacks and Wheel Blacks. When I was at 2000 Sydney Paralympics, I was moved by wheelchair rugby players and especially I became a big fan of New Zealand wheelchair rugby team ‘Wheel Blacks’ Their fighting spirits was beyond description. One day I want to visit New Zealand …

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Hand shadow

I remember playing with hand shadow when I was child.
Then,now I saw the video for Japanese singer group and they useing 'hand shadow
play' in their video.
I like this song and that drama of hand shadow.
I touched that.

This is from 'Gekidan Kakashi za'←the name of drama group
There is another video I found, this is also great.

How do you think?

Oneday I want to see this drama ;)

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Bonus shot

We were good friend♪

And Hideki got a girlfriend finally.....happy for you :p

This is his dream......sorry Ms.Scarlett Johansson......

Wake up! Hideki! xD

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On the sunny day... -futon care-

Finally we got beautiful sunny day! really spring :D
If it's day like this,mother used to try to wake me up early
and said 'hey! air out futons in the sun! '

This is actually hard work but once you did it, you will love to do this ;)
We can sleep with nice and warm futon and then,
I know there is no exist smell of the sun , but you can feel that
untill fall asleep...


Futon means Japanese style bedding and originally we spread bedding
on the tatami for sleep.
'Kake futon' means about duvet and 'shiki futon' means under futon.
Many people prefer to seep in western bedding style now
but this custom won't be change.
Since Japan is high humidity country, this is a good way to dry them out and also
there is a reason to get rid of ticks.
The futon in the sun ;)

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Party pary☆☆☆

Wow, many many people came to this party!!
Nice music, that was cool☆
It was great chance to meet lots of people here ;)
And...? let's get start the game!
Tomo&Tomo explaining about the game
300 bar staff☆
Hey, :D are you enjoying?

To everybody, thank you for coming this party, and thank you for watching
this party (it was broadcasted on internet! )
we definitely have this party again!!

Um....but I had to work during this party........no luck!

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New heroine....☆

?who is this?
la la la la??
Her fans???
Makeup is almost finish☆
Answer is.....tomorrow ;)
And does anybody have any idea for her name?

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Introduce our staff vol.11

We have one another staff to introduce here :)

As you can see, this is our earnest? staff, Eun Jung.
She doesn't like playing antics.......oops...

I should tell you that she doesn't have hair style like that.
Well, you already know? she is funny person and on top of that she has big heart ;)


*Hometown: Seoul, Korea
*Launguage: Korean, English, Japanese
*Countries visited :
Canada, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech, Austria, Netherlands, Moroco, Russia, India, Nepal,
Thai, Indonesia, Philipine, Singapore, Taiwan, Guam
*Travel episode: I have met a soulmate on the trip of India!!
*What I like... : Movie(especially love comedy), Utada Hikaru(Japanese Singer), Britney Spears,
dessert(sweet things), traveling, number 6, blue & purple color and my family.
*Message: Please come and enjoy Tokyo with us, Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.
We try to do our best to support your memorial!

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