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He is back!

Alex is back for the first time in half a year.
He is an amazing collector and at the same time successful business man.
His main ‘workplace’ is Akihabara and his sleeping place is Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.
I am always surprised by cool and weird stuff he got from Akihabara and his vision and passion for ‘the things’ are unbelievable.
IMG_alex.jpg IMG_alex2.jpg
Luggage room was occupied by Alex’s things at 3 a.m.
Alex, How much did you spend?

Anyway, Welcome back, Alex.
Whenever you come to Japan, this is the home for you.

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Noh Workshop at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho - 2nd April (Fri.) 18:30

Hi everyone!

Have you heard or watched "Noh"?


Noh is a major form of classic Japanese musical drama (play) that has been performed since the 14th century. There are approximately 250 plays in the current repertoire, which can be divided according to a variety of schemes. The most common is according to content, but there are several other methods of organization.

We have "Noh Workshop" by Shuko Tuchiya (Noh performer) on this Friday.
Noh Workshop at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho
2nd April (Fri.) 18:30 at our hotel lobby FREE!!

The workshop consists of "Explaining Noh", "Noh Performance"
and "Noh Experience (Challenging the Noh voice and acting)".

Let's look at the previous event pictures!






Feel free to join this workshop and enjoy the Noh world!

See you on this friday :)

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Let's make a plan for Sakura Viewing ;)

Weather forecast saying about how the 'cherry blossom' blooming everyday
and reporting which area the best for viewing.

Cherry blossom is best flower people loved and very fascinated us and also
we feel finaly spring coming when we see them.

Well, since when people enjoy viewing cherry blossom?
Cerry blossom(Sakura) trees planted since Heian period(794) for viewing
and don't you think how great story that people already enjoyed it
in Edo period(1600).
Let's make a plan for Sakura viewing as people do long time ;)
And let's prepare for some beers and foods for that picnic :D
....This is not like people do as long time ago??

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PEPE: Architect from Mexico.
He is staying our hotel for almost 2weeks.

Here is a one of his work.
He made museum in Mexico.
museopepe1_1 si.jpg

I would love to visit there one day.

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The Secret party

Happy Birthday マリー chan


We had her birthday party on last week.
Actually, it was a secret party so she didn't notice that party is for her until the cake showed up.
↑Surprising Marie chan

We all wish your brilliant year☆

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Let's sing a song?

If you come in some convenience store or electronics retail stores,
you will recognize and remenber their music or you will sing a tune without thinking.

♪Shop 99
'kyu' means nine anyway :p

♪Donki hote
I like this song, I sing 'don don don♪' when I go to this shop ;)

♪Yodobashi Camera

Some shops are selling their song, it's true.
I wonder any shops make their song in your country?

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Event Info: Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010 will be taking place in Tokyo Big sight
this weekend (Mar. 27 & 28).





If you like anime, enjoy this event :)
Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010:

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School Bag

Irena from New Jersey carried a red randoseru on her back !
The vivid red color brought me back to my elementary-school years. It was a long, long time ago.

The randoseru is the backpack for elementary school students and traditionally, a red randoseru is for girls and black one is for boys. However, the randoseru is available in a variety of colors nowadays, such as pink, brown, blue, green and so on. Things change with times.

Irena bought the cute one at a recycle store in Kyoto where she teaches English to high school students. It looks GOOD on you, Irena. The randoseru can be a center of fashion all over the world.

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Great chance to watch sumo for free!

Hono-Ozumo at Hasukuni Shrine[奉納大相撲]
[April 9th] 9:00? Admisson free!!
Place:Yasukuni shrine

This is a ceremonial Sumo tournament and much more.
It starts at 9AM and run until around 3PM.
About 200 Sumo wrestlers include “Yokozuna (Sumo champion) ” will join this event.




If you are interested in "Sumo", don't miss it!
If you want to seat with a good view of the stage, please go there before 9 a.m.

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Earth Marathon

Recently I saw TV program showing that Japanese comedian 'Kanpei Hazama' running in Iran now.
It is incredible challenge!!
He decided to round the world on his own feet and to sail across the continental on a yacht.
The total distance is about 36,000km and it will takes two years.
Also, it turned out he has cancer but he still keep running and taking medication.
I just do hope he succeed this big challenge with his big smile and we see that on TV sometime ;)

You can see his track on the weblog↓

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