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Detergent-free washing machine

We got new washing machines and dryers.

CIMG2915.jpg CIMG2914.jpg

You don't need to prepare detergent.
It is automatically, pour to your laundry if you push start button.
Is'nt it so cool?

Look! How good this washing machine is.


200yen for washing
100yen for dryer

Enjoy your laundry!!

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Lumine Ikebukuro

Good news for those who like clothes.
One of the most famous shopping buildings in Tokyo, Lumine, will open a new branch near Ikebukuro station on April 1st.

(This is Shinjuku Lumine)

↑Check out their website. Isn't it so cool?

I still don't know what shops will be in Ikebukuro Lumine.
But they always have good shops, restaurants and movie theatesr. I hope you will like their selection.
I'll let you know when they have more information about it.

I am sure Lumine Ikebukuro makes your shopping more fun!!
Enjoy your shopping at Ikebukuro.

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From Korea vol.2

This is 'Korean seaweed' which Eun jung gave us as a souvenir!
We,Japanese people familiar with seaweed but Korean seaweeds has a little bit
salty and tasted sesame oil and we love it :)
Seaweed is 'Nori' in Japanese and...
this photo titled 'Nori and Noriko' by the way ;)

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From Korea...

Eun Jung came back from Korea!
She has been to Korea to see her family, for Lunar New Year.

I was eagerly waiting for you Eun Jung and......
this Korean raspberry wine...'Bokbunjajoo'
'Kamusahamunida' ;) (Thank you in Korean)

Do you want to taste it?.........no! :p

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Figure skating

I could not miss their performance, Mao Asada(Japan) and Kim Yuna(Korea).

It just finished their program and ranking is now....
2nd is Mao Asada and 1st is Kim Yuna!

キムヨナ.jpg 真央ちゃん2.jpg
Their skating were perfect and beautiful....
I heard they are good rival to keep up since long time
and I just can't believe they are only 19 years old.... : o

Well, we should keep an eye on their next program!!

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Wow!! Our cafe is full of people today!


They are all staring at the TV monitor to see...

The female figure skating performance of Vancouver olympics!!

We can see Mao Asada from now. Ooooooh, how exciting :D

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Web blog is popular in Japan. Many people write blogs for their companies or have their own blogs.
As you already know, we have a web blog in our hotel
But our web blog has several rivals.
Let me introduce them.

The strongest rival is this↓.
Sakura Hostel Asakusa's web blog.
They update it almost everyday. I am jearousy of many topics they have everyday.

Another rival is this.
Sakura House web blog.
Since Sakura House has many apartments and guest houses all over Tokyo, Their topics have a variety .
Mostly, they write about some particular towns. And it is very interesting because each town has different face.

Our sister hotel, Sakura Hotel Hatagaya also has a web blog.
They write about Japanese culture and life. Their topics are very interesting.

Is the web blog popular in your country? Or is this popular only in Japan?
If you have your web blog, please let us know. I would like to see it.

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Barista Debut!


Good news for Taglyn's fan!!
The prince, Taglyn debut as a barista at Sakura Cafe!
Don't you think he looks good ;)
Well, why don't you come to see him at our cafe☆

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Earthquake >_<

We had earthquake recentlly.
There are occasionally earthquakes in Japan......
That's terrible and scary........................................................
I feel very bad when an earthquake comes
And then I pray in my mind 'stop stop, please!!' ....
There are lots of earthquakes in Japan as the country is located on the continental plate boundary,.
I guess, some people (from Europe?) don't have this experience.
So they might not know....but please just keep in mind that earthquake is a terrible power of nature you can never imagine how scary it is.

(↓Niigata pref, 2007)

What should we do when it occures?

1. Don't be panic!! this is very important, and protect yourself first,
Stay under the desk, for example.
Don't rush out and in case you are out on the street watch out for falling objects such as roof tiles and broken glass,

2. Make sure that any sources of flame are out.
3. Secure an exit for escape when the shaking stops

Are you okay with this?.........I'm not okay..... :(

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Check it out ☆Japan Rail Pass!

Good value for getting around Japan!
This pass covering all JR line, which mean you can travel around north and south, anywhere you want , even such a long distance!

For purchase this pass, you need to order before you come to Japan.
Please check it out information as below, if you planning to come to Japan ;) ↓

I reccomend to ride on Shinkansen (bullet train) once during your stay in Japan!


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