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Must have item

Time goes very fast and we left only several days in January. But it is still cold in Tokyo.
This time, I will show you the ''must have item'' for cold winter.

1. Yutanpo
This is what I got in Berlin. We still have variety of different kinds of yutanpo in Japan.
I also like to see the Yutanpo cover. There are many different kinds of cute cover.
We put some hot water inside and keep it to next to our legs when sleeping. The warmness from
Yutanpo is different from the one from electric heater.

2. Hokaron
cheap and easy.
You can find it at any pharmacy store. Just shake it, then it will be warm. We usually keep it in the pockets of clothes or coat. Some hokaron has a seal in the backside. So we can seal in legs, back or whereever feel cold.

3. Wool sox
Maybe some of your coutnry have this kind of sox. So do Japan, we have it. This is what my grand mom made. It protects me from cold weather every winter. I feel grandmoms warmness.

If you have good idea for must have item of winter, please let me know.

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Rock Star

I went to see the concert of my favorite band ‘DEF LEPPANDA’ at CLUB PHASE in
Takadanobaba yesterday.

Lead singer is Nori Kondo who is the manager of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

His voice is amazing! His hair is stunning!
Nori is a rock star.




Sakura (Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staff) showed up as a special backup dancer

with Hiro (left, Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staff) and a rock star

After the show, Hiro and I went out to Karaoke and kept singing …

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Chilled Tokyo

We still don't have snowing but really cold days here Tokyo.
Ah...I want to be a bear then I can sleep till spring to come :p

But we have 'Kotatsu' and 'Nabe' to get through this cold days!
Do you know them??

'Kotatsu' is a low table attached heater inside and covering with a blanket.
It's so comfortable and I often slept in the Kotatsu :)

And one more thing, we can't forget about 'Nabe' ;)
'Nabe' is a Japanese Hot Pot and we have a lots of kind variety of that.

We going to put lots of vegetables and pork or beef, seafood, chicken, anything okay!

This picture which I found in internet, this is 'Kimuchi Nabe'!
It mainly cooked with Korean pickles called 'Kimuchi', and I love it.:D

It's so easy to cook and healthy and also too tasty...!!
It just good and let's have a 'Nabe party' ;)

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Where is this?


The answer is our reception.
Our reception just has brandnew opened.!! It became twice more bigger than before.
Look at their happy smile.
Especially Kayoko, you can be good actress☆

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Costume battle!

Which costume going to win!?

Entry number 1!
Entry number 2!

We can't decide wich one...both are so cute ;)

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Guess what, I went to India on my winter vacation.
It was so an energetic country. Everything was so mixed and it was a new experience for me.
Cows, pigs, horses, camels, and dogs are on the road. Even a car gets close to the animals, they don't show any fear. Everything is coexisting and they act as if it was very natural.
When I went to Augla castle, I saw several monkeies and hook-bills. Even I come close to them,
they don't get scared. It was just like living in a zoo with animals. I was impressed by that.
I thought it is the origin of nature, and it is one of the beautiful things in this world.

well.. enough for my feedback.
Here is the pictures.

Beautiful Taji mahal. It is made by white marble stone. Isn't it look like sugar sweets?


I did elephant ride to go to the castle. I thought I'm gonna fall down. But it was fun.

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New Departure

Our staff,Takashi and Yoshikazu have just left.....
They have decided to start new thing and had to leave here.
We really don't want they to leave but..well....this is a life.
Now we are pleased to support their new challenges ;)

We gave our big message cards and cake.
Don't you think this picture drawing with chocolate really similar to them ;)


Then, they copied faces on the cake, how nice ;)

Hey, Takashi and Yoshikazu, we really miss you guys but we going to say...
Thank you and Good Luck for your new departure!!
And remember...you both should drop by here sometimes!!!

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Awards for nationality ranking of 2009.

Last year, we have 65,363people from 111countries.
Thank you very much.
Here is top 30 nationality ranking of guests who stayed Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro in 2009.
Hope your country is rank in.

No.30 Brazil
No.29 Poland
No.28 Argentina
No.27 Austlia
No.26 Belgium
No.25 Mexico
No.24 Portugal
No.23 Norway
No.22 Indonesia
No.21 China
No.20 Denmark
No.19 Finland
No.18 Swiss
No.17 Sweden
No.16 Korea
No.15 New Zealand
No.14 Malaysia
No.13 Holland
No.12 Taiwan
No.11 Germany
No.10 Hongkong
No.9 Italy
No.8 Canada
No.7 England
No.6 Thai
No.5 Spain
No.4 U.S.A
No.3 Singapore
No.2 France

And awards for nationality ranking of 2009 is


We had 7,091 guests from Australia last year!!
Conglaturation Aussie!!!


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☆Travel into the Space☆

Can you imagine..............people traveling into the space...!

My dream is traveling all over the world...but to be honest maybe my real dream is a space trip ...!!
I've found one advertisement of 'GUINNESS' .
They were offering big presents for only three people for their
250 years anniversary.

The first prize is a 'travelling into space', the second one is a 'traveling
under the deep sea' and the third one is a 'private live music'.

I do wanted win the 'Traveling into space' !!
How fantastic it will be if I can see the earth from the space with my own eyes.....!!

I wondering who is such a lucky person....!!!???

If it's you, let me know how that trip please...!

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