December 2009 Archive.

Sayonara 2009!!

Today, it is a last day in 2009.....

Now we would like to say ' BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!! '
We are very happy that many people traveling and staying with us ;)

Then, we hope you all have a great new year 2010 and
we do hope to see your smile in here, Ikebukuro ;)

Yoi otoshi wo (Have a good year)!!

soba 002.jpg
PS: I'm eating 'Toshikoshi soba' (Japanese year-crossing noodle) ;)
Many Japanese people eating this traditional toshikoshi noodles
on New Year's Eve and wish for health and longevity in the year to come.

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Poor Taglyn vol.2

what's going on with you, Taglyn?


He looks sad....


His favorite chocolate, Alfort, was melted. Because he put it on computer..
Poor Taglyn......
But don't worry, Taglyn.
Since you are such a mack daddy , you can get tons of chocolate in Valentine's Day on Feb, 14th :)

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Recently, doughnut is popular sweets for ladies in Japan.
Luckly, we got a box of doughnut from Mr. Shinke.

This donuts are like cream puff. There is cream inside, and dough is like a puff.
And look at this decolation, isn't it so lovely?!
Of course, it was yummy.
Thank you.

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KIMONO and work shop!

We had an event 'Kimono and work shop' on 20th December!

Many people enjoyed chooseing used Kimono and trying to make a hair accessory.
These are photos for work shop, you can see their faces are very very sirious ;)
ワークショップ 005.jpg

ワークショップ 024.jpg

ワークショップ 003.jpg

I should inform...he making hair accessory not for himself, to his mother,
how gentle :D
ワークショップ 004.jpg

ワークショップ 009.jpg

I should say one more time.....that hair accessory might be suit you?
ワークショップ 017.jpg

It's very nice isn't it ;)
ワークショップ 018.jpg

I hope everybody enjoyed this opportunity!

ワークショップ 023.jpg

........Ah! I forgot to check how it going for Sariko and Eun Jung :p
Hey? it taking long time and everybody already have gone...
ワークショップ 014.jpg

Well, now they finished!
Kawaii (cute)?? :p
ワークショップ 025.jpg
Well done well done!!

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It's Christmas time!


How you spend this time in your country?
Tokyo city is decolated with beautiful lights....
Thank you for this beautiful photo Kikuchi san ;)

And at here, you can meet Santa sisters :p

Are you having big presents, Tomo Santa?

These snaks or sweets are present for you!

This is a present from our guest ;) Thank you!

☆Wishing you a wonderful Christmas☆

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Jason & Heather

Thank you for staying with us Jason & Heather!!

They are very very friendly people from Brisbane, Australia :)
Their smiles made us so happy!

Dear Jason and Heather,
Now we would like to say thank you and we had really great time with you two!
We do hope you both come to Japan again ;)

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Today's sweets

Today's sweets is this!!

A big package of cookies from Saori who works at our cafe.
Thank you very much.
We can survive now ;)


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Beautiful flower

Kate from Australia stayed with us more than 9days.
On her last day, she gave us beautiful flower.


Thank you very much, Kate.
It is getting cold but, your flower makes our hearts warmness.


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Kimono sale and work shop

Good news for kimono lover!
We will sell the used kimono on next Sunday (Dec 20th).
If you are interested, you also can join to workshop for making hair accessory by Kimono Fabric.
Don't miss to sign up at reception.


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Introduce our staff...vol.9

Now, it is time for introduce the Prince of our hotel.
Guess, who is the Prince of our hotel.
The answer is ...................

Though we have written about Taglyn several times on this blog, we didn't have chance to tell who he is.

Finally we can, The Prince whose real name is Aki.

He is very brave and gentle man...!
If evil people appear, he will come to protect all of you guests just like a knight!
But if insects come closer, he will run away immediately (he hates insects),
So we have to protect him right away :p

........sorry Taglyn, it's a joke! well, actually he is friendly and really hospitable
person......(to ladies?) :p

I was waiting for him to introduce himself for a loooooooong time.
But he still hasn't done it ..
So I decide to write about him.

Name; Akiyoshi Taglyn
Hometown; Tokyo
Launguage; English, Japanese,
What he likes; wine, chocolate, cute girls?
What he does'nt like; insect

Picture vol.1
Taglyn at work (thinking about the plan for tonight ;P, just kidding!)

Picture vol.2
After his work (He is thinking to look for beautiful ladies:p)

Picture vol.3
Pretending as if he were a basketball boy

Good enough? or More pictures?
Okay, we have one more picture.
Here we go !!!

Picture vol.4

Don't be deceived by this honey face ;P

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