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What are you doing Masa?
Are you friend with ghosts??

mashi 007.jpg

Answer is this!

june 30 004.jpg

Maybe that was the day 'bed sheets festival' ;)

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*****Sweets paradise*****

Wow, it's just like a 'sweets paradise' here!!
Well, now we would like to deeply say 'THANK YOU SO MUCH' to all the guests......!!
We have got a lots of sweets from the guests and actually we all love it!
We really do appeiciate your kindness....................................


We are all smiling (^^) (^^) (^^)
Thank you and Arigatou again!!

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Try Miso soup!

When I'm hung over, Miso soup helps me to feel better, really.....

Since long time ago, we have been having 'Miso soup' everyday,
and it might be also Japanese soul food,I think.

Miso is made from soy beans.
And it's easy to make soup with it!
I like 'Tofu (soybean curd)' and 'Vegetables' or 'Seaweed' in it ;)

Let me teach you how to make it!

1.Boil some water.
2.Add some soup stock made from fish and diced Tofu in there.
3, Lastly add some Miso and stir until dissolved in the soup.

That's all !!
June 004.jpg

I sometimes make it in the dormitory kitchen for my lunch.
If you are interested in, I can make it for you and you can taste it ;)
...........................if you have courage to taste it....haha!

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Ichigo Ichie -Meeting only once in a lifetime-

If somebody asks me 'what is your favorite phrase?' then I definitely say....
'Ichigo Ichie' which means 'meeting only once in a lifetime'.

It will never happen again as this moment at this place with these people.

I just realized that we are spending such a precious time at every moment
and that is what it means - 'Meeting only once in a lifetime'.


Don't you think so too?
Anyway, let's grab some beers and...
Cheers! to this moment ;)

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WE DO ECO Do We *idea from Kayoko*


Do you know what '3R' is ?
It stands for 'Reduce' 'Reuse' 'Recycle'

And I really care of ECO.....

Recently our daily lives don't let us feel any inconvenience, and they have been
still changing to new and more convenient ones, I think.
And now there are so many products people just purchase and waste.

We often see and hear about climates, plants and animals in danger,
you know.


Well, we can do something even if it's a tiny tiny thing, it will be a big change ;)
What is the most important is knowing them, thinking about them
and then get started with what we can do little by little.

It's not difficult................YES, WE CAN ;)

As to me, I always take with me my own chopsticks ,tiny plastic spoon
and Eco bag.
And I can say 'No, thank you' when asked if I need them.


and ?


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**Tea ceremony**

Have you tried 'Japanese tea ceremony' before?
We are going to organize 'Tea Ceremony' tomorrow and schedule is as below;

Date: June 13th ,Saturday
Time: (1) 4pm-5pm (2) 5pm-6pm
Place: Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro
Price: This time it's FREE in charge

It will be a great oppotunity for you to know some Japanese culture!

This is the picture we took previous time.


You can prepare the Japanese tea by yourself if you would like to.
Just try it ;)

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Rainy June

raining and rainy days.....

We have a lot of those rainy days in June here.
But if it's my day off, that's good chance to be at home and spend time listening rain drops.

In this rainy season, we will see this flower, it's called 'Ajisai'
in kanji character it mean 'purple sun flower'.


And there are Ajisai temples all over Japan. They are temples with a lot of Ajisai planted in their gardens.
I have been to Meigetsuin(one of those Ajisai temples) in Kamakura a few years ago and it was beautiful....

Even if it's unluckily a rainy day,you are a lucky person to visit there.
Because Ajisai is much more beautiful in rainy days.
You can trust me ;)

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Snack mania

Are you hungry?
We are hungry!

We hungry men working here bring snacks or sweets ourselves
to survive ;)

One day the snacks got together to satisfy us :)


Specially Mr.PRETZ looks so cute and he got into my bag.
And he ask me 'please bring me!'


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**Message from Inma san **

Konbanwa ^^
We don´t know if we can write here, but we would like to do it!

Inma and Esperanza de Felipe
Virgi and Lourdes

We are 301´s girls. We stayes at april ^^. We would thank you for your kindness, and we are so happy for know you.

Really it was a great experience! And we hope to go back to Japan and for sure we´ll stay in your hote!

Best regards from SPAIN ^^
Inma, Esperanza de Felipe,
Virginia and Lourdes

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WE DO ECO Do We *idea from Yoshikazu*

Do you do something for Eco?

Yoshikazu is collecting caps of plastic bottles.
One day, we found a plastic bag with some bottle caps in the staff room.
and then his message was there.....


Since March, he has been collecting plastic bottle caps.
He has been asking for them when someone finish his or her drinks , or even from the rubish bin at our hotel.
Why? Because the caps of plastic bottle will be medication if we collect it enough
and it can save life for the children, specially for the third world....
This is actually some campaign and it's just great!!

Now we have box for that, Kayoko made it (she might be great artist!) :)
6月 001.jpg

It looks rabbit a little bit and his name is 'Cappee' !!
Please put the caps in this box before you throw it away :)

6月 010.jpg

Thank you for your cooperation....Arigatou from bottom of our heart..... ;)

6月 006.jpg

One more shot☆
6月 007.jpg

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