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Lovely Balloon lovely Yoshikazu?

One of our guests left cute balloon!
That character from anime 'Anpanman' and Anpanman is a hero among children.


Yoshikazu playing with Anpanman...he looks very very happy☆

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Introduce our staff...vol.6

Who goes this time??

This is Yoshihiro and he has gentle smile and attitude :)
I seeing he hold a penguin in this picture but I found he looks similar to penguin
somehow.....not so tall and the way his walks....
I guess.....maybe......he comes from 'Penguin Republic' :p


Name: Yoshihiro Kikugawa
Home Town: Shizuoka
Language:English, Japanese
Country traveled: Many countries in Asia, Europe, and South America
Favorite place in the trip : Hokkaido(Japan), China, Thailand
My home town is located in middle part of Japan, called "Shizuoka" prefecture.
It is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan and Mt. Fuji locates there.
The climate there is pretty moderate, and orange, Japanese tea, and sushi are the famouse food in the city.
Please taste food and have a good view in Shizuoka!

I have been interested in music and illustration since I was little.
I sometimes compose or arrange music and draw illustrations for my friends.

By the way, are you interested in Japanese food or Asian massage?
While traveling abroad, I cooked Japanese food for other travelers and learned
massage in Thailand.
I can tell you how to cook Japanese food and heal your tiredness, which comes
from your hard life.

I have been working in Hokkaido, Hakone, Kyoto and Osaka before.
I would be very happy if you ask me about those places in case you have plan
to visit there.

Needless to say, I like travel.
I love meeting new people and learning about new countries!

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Most cutest guest in this month!

Well, ledies and gentlemen......!!
It is time to announce for 'Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro Award'!!
Most cutest guest of this month is..........!?


Congratulation and your smile make us happy☆☆☆

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Who likes to drink?
When we finished our job, we saw some of our guests chatting in our cafe. So we just joined them☆
Finally, it was some party with Japanese Sake.

Unfortunately, the terrace seat closes at 11:30pm, but , don't worry, you still can drink in the smoking seat or inside cafe till the morning.



Just as information, our cafe serves not only beer but also some "sake", wine and coocktail.
We have bottled sake in small bottles, so you can buy it as a souvenior to your country.
If you can't drink but your mate ask you to drink, don't worry, we have variety of fruit juce, soda, tea, coffee and so on.

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Exhibition at Gallery HIRO

Finally, Joel will start the exhibition at gallery HIRO in Roppongi.

I am sure that he will be a big artist in the future.
So let's go to see his works and get autograph☆


Joel Prejel ?image of Tokyo?
May 21st, 2009 to May 31st, 2009.
Gallery HIRO
F.W.E.A.P. building 1F , 5-1-27 Minami azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047

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If you passed Ikebukuro station on the way to come to our hotel,
you might be aware that people make a long line for parchase something.
That is for a Rusk covered with white chocolate and named GOUTER de ROI.

Luckily, we got it from cleaning stuff.
Thank you very much Ms. Aihara!!


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The Rider



Surprisingly, they have traveled Japan from south to north on their own bicycles
brought from Canada.
They started traveling from Fukuoka prefecture located south of Japan,
and they cycled across the bridge to Shikoku island and kept pedaling toward
Sendai prefecture located north of Japan.
They stopped also at some famous places like Nikko(it's a world heritage sight).
Finally, they have reached their goal and that was our hotel in Tokyo!!
I am really glad to meet you two and we are very glad your goal was our hotel ;).

Please have a good rest at our hotel before you go back home.

Let's track their road !


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Wanna be a Ninjya?

Wow, Ninjya showed up in our hotel from Australia :D
Well, anybody knows about Ninjya???
Here, I found interesting link as below;

Maybe I want to be a Ninjya, because they are cool...they can running on surface and disappear with their peculiar technique...nobody recognize who I am.....
that's so cool....!!

Anyway look at his shoes,it's like a little bit Ninjya!
He got it because he really want to be??
This black shoes (?) is called Jika-Tabi known as footwear for workmen like construction workers, farmers and gardeners.
It just looks comfortable isn't it :)

4.20 001.jpg

Surprisingly, he has two pairs, so Yoshi has tried to be a Ninjya together!

4.20 003.jpg


Would you like to try it??
You can be a good Ninjya ;)

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Why not ☆

Let's dig in!!

Hokke 002.jpg

One day Sariko told me that why don't we go to Izakaya(Japanese style bar)
because there is a nice Izakaya which serves really big roast fish
called 'HOKKE'.(sorry we can't find their English name)
It's one of popular dishes at Izakaya because of tasty.
I really like fish meals so I said 'why not☆'

On the menu, we can choose 'half size' or 'whole' and can you guess which we decided?
Of course...'whole.....why not!!'

Chef and staff were surprized and asked that we can eat all up surely??
We said just........'why not!'
And?.........................1 hour later....

Hokke 005.jpg

This is a 'HOKKE' by the way.
Thank you 'HOKKE' san, you are very tasty....;)

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Finally, we have beautiful sky, and bliliant sunshine today.
hmmmmmmmmmm, how nice....
What I can not wait for this season is , having a beer after work at open air cafe. It makes me refresh and stress free.

Here is the my BEST 5.

Tsunami.(U.S Hawaii)☆
Most popular Hawaian beer. Sweet taste.

No.4 Haineken (Holland)☆☆
I guess most famous beer in the world.

No.3 The Premium Malts. (Japan!!)☆☆☆
Prize for the taste. My favorite one!

No.2 Becks (Germany)☆☆☆☆
Clear taste! 

No.1 Draft Beer☆☆☆☆☆
Available only at Restaurant or Izakaya. Served from Barrel.
Sorry this is my favorite one and it has not available at our Cafe yet....
So I will ask my manager to serve draft beer. Then we can drink Draft Beer at Sakura Cafe :D

We have many different kind of beer at our cafe.
All world beer is available at 450yen now.
Don't miss it☆

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You can also call 03-3971-2237(+81-3-3971-2237)