Rakugo 2

I really like Rakugo.
I have a strange relaltionship with very famous Rakugo masters.

For example,,,


"Katsura Shiotai"

He cahnged a name from Tomaru to Shiotai last month.
Changing name means kind of grade-up.
He is very good friend of my father.
He is good story teller of Rakugo story which is called ”Rakuda"(it's means camel).
I watched once with my father and it was just awsome.
I couldn't stop laughing. during story.
And story makes me cry at the same time.


"Hayashiya Somemaru"

I went to his lecture when i was in Kansai Univercity.
He is very unique and his style is based on really traditional knowledge.

He is bit famous of his teaching style for his disciple.

He teaches bit hard and he has a pride to succeed traditional technique.

I still try to find place where i can watch Good Rakugo show.
If i watch bad Rakugo show,i will have some stress.

Please tell me some good Rakugo master in Tokyo.

Posted by: ken (March 4, 2011 9:13 AM)

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