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*Name: Masaru Okami(Call me Ken)
*Hometown: Kyoto
*Launguage:Japanese, English
*Countries visited:France,Germany,Netherland,Austria,Hangary,Poland,USA,Taiwan,Australia
*Travel episode:I had been to Europe as musician.I got a invitation from big rock festival"Donau festival 2009.In this year Sonic youth ,Anthony & the Jhonsons,Aphex twin,Spilitualized etc...played.
I talked and drink very good quality wines with such a famous musicians.
Especially i have a wonderful experience with member of sonic youth(Lee ranald).
I already met him in Paris when he had a exhibiton.
I was bit nervous before first meeting with him.
But he is so kind guy.So he invited me for his party.
I talked and showed my performance.And he said"Yeah it's very good noise!".
It's so wonderful night.
Check this out!!!!You can see what i did as musician little bit.
*I love.... Waterfall,Mountain,Music,Movie,Kyoto.
*Message:Japan is so special country.I want to help you to know this speciallity.
And i have a good relationship with musicians and film director and such a kind of person who make Japanese cultural scene.
I can help you to enjoy Japanese special culture.


Posted by: sariko (January 31, 2011 5:43 PM)

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