Sesame world☆

Japanese people obviously haveing much of rice and soy beans.
Then I just realized we eating a lots of sesame in our daily life.
Taste good and nutritionally great :)

Firstly I would like to show you 'Sesame dressing'.
I choose always sesame dressing for salada ;)
Have you try it?
It's good and you will love it!
And Sesame rice cracker,this is yummy too...
Oh yes! I love this! This is 'Sesame cream' for toast!
Oneday girl from Singapore showed me this picture and asked where she can get it.
I was excite because I knew it's good stuff :)

And both are typical Japanese side dishes and we cook often.
It's simple but yes, taste good :)
hourensou.jpg kinpiragobou.jpg
'Hourensou no gomaae' (Spinach and sesami) and 'Kimpiragobou' (fried burdock root and carrot)

Those are good match with rice and beer too ;)

Posted by: kayoko (November 6, 2010 9:38 AM)

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