Origin of Ikebukuro

Have you ever thought about why Ikebukuro is called Ikebukuro???
This question has come to my mind during the first time I arrived here
The kanji for Ikebukuro literally means 池:pond 袋:bag.
Well, if I found this bag in the pond, i would be very excited! haha

After doing some research, it seems that there are several origins of the name of the place.
The first is that in the northeastern part of the village there was a lake shaped like someone holding a bag.
The second is that there were once a large number of lakes in the area of various sizes (thus implying a bag full of lakes).
The third is that long ago a turtle came out of the lake carrying a bag on its back.

I am not sure which one is correct, but I'm sure that there are Vitton bags everywhere in Ikebukuro.........'s department stores! hahaha

Have you also seen a statue of an owl in the station?

It's name is Ikefukuroh(pond owl), which is a cold joke...( ̄▽ ̄;)

Posted by: victor (November 18, 2010 5:57 PM)

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