Earthquake >_<

We had earthquake recentlly.
There are occasionally earthquakes in Japan......
That's terrible and scary........................................................
I feel very bad when an earthquake comes
And then I pray in my mind 'stop stop, please!!' ....
There are lots of earthquakes in Japan as the country is located on the continental plate boundary,.
I guess, some people (from Europe?) don't have this experience.
So they might not know....but please just keep in mind that earthquake is a terrible power of nature you can never imagine how scary it is.

(↓Niigata pref, 2007)

What should we do when it occures?

1. Don't be panic!! this is very important, and protect yourself first,
Stay under the desk, for example.
Don't rush out and in case you are out on the street watch out for falling objects such as roof tiles and broken glass,

2. Make sure that any sources of flame are out.
3. Secure an exit for escape when the shaking stops

Are you okay with this?.........I'm not okay..... :(

Posted by: kayoko (February 21, 2010 11:49 AM)

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