Introduce our staff...vol.4

Cherry blossoms are almost over,but we still can see them up north
and it might be good idea to chase them ;)

Today, we would like to introduce Yoshikazu!
He has been working with us since February.
He seems to be earnest and very supportive person so far.....,sorry!
actually HE IS :p


*Name: Yoshikazu
*Hometown: Tokyo (Chiba)
*Language : Japanese, English
*Countries visited: USA, Canada, Jamaica, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina,
Uruguay, Brazil, Madagascar, and France.
*I likeā€¦ : Soccer, Travel, Drink, Spending time w/ others,
Not to be killing any time, and Progressing!
*Travel Episode:
The most meaningful and unforgettable travel in my experience was the one
in Madagascar.
I have spent about 5 weeks by teaching English in 3 villages there.
I had around 500 students in a day and I made an English lesson broadcasted
in the radio in the meantime!
At the same time, I heard that sacrificing before they mine and burying a living
person as punishment are still taken place, which I had never known.
Also, I saw some dead bodies, a lot of prostitutes who were only 8 years old and stayed begging me to buy them, and a little crying boy carrying a plastic bag
in which a dead man is (probably his dad) in a crowd.
However, they were always smiling (as many of us have most likely heard before)
and did not yell for convenient lives although I did it all the time in my mind.
Then, I learned that anyone could never be measured by a certain criteria.
Everyone is better than someone at some point and everyone is not as good or
familiar as those.
Therefore, what we can do is not becoming better than someone,
but polishing our good points, keeping aware of each of our own weakness,
and put ourselves in effort to improve it.
*Favorite Movie: Lions for Lambs.
*Message: Our hotel is No,1!
particularly regarding our great service and kindness!
There is nothing wrong with your choice as far as you choose us!
You have no idea about Tokyo??? We can definitely help you as much as you want since every one of us is familiar with Tokyo!

Posted by: kayoko (April 11, 2009 6:26 PM)

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